Guest Star Cat: Mimi and Oscar

The below story was submitted by Marcia B.

Mimi was found in the middle of an isolated highway on a bitterly cold night. A friend of ours went around her thinking she was dead, then backed up because she was not ‘flat’ enough. Lucky for us she backed her one-ton pickup and trailer back the quarter of a mile. Walked up to her and Mimi finally moved her head.

When she was well enough, she came to us. We had her fixed (the cropped ear is due to frost bite) and discovered she had been hit at some time with a leg that had remodeled itself. She was less than a year and 4.2 pounds. To this day, if you rub her tummy she makes biscuits!

A week later the 2019 flood hit eastern Nebraska. Horses were rescued and at the stable where they went to recuperate there Oscar came wandering in. He was very, very sick as you can tell by his stained fur. And he came to us also. He weighed 3.8 pounds.

This is both now, they do not get far from each other. Both are heat seeking missiles – neither like the cold and neither one wants to go outside. They like to watch the birds at the feeder but not out!

We are so incredibly lucky to have them!


Mimi found …. And she did not look good. Staining on Oscar

Tummy rubs, and she is making bisuits!

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