Purrsday Poetry: A Royal Gift from Prince Richard the Tiger Hearted, a Fine Tabby Indeed

“I know mew must be ill: you’re staying home
For endless months now. Though I love mew here
Mew make me feel there’s something strange to fear,
Because mew hoomans have a need to roam.

You’re fidgety and fussy: every hour
Mew two are wandering here and there again.
Your prince, I wonder where and why and when
You’ll both slink off to work, if mew have power.

Oh, yet mew simpering hoomans sulk and cower
And change the channels up and down again,
Or gaze at my computer, or, in zen,
You romp on yogurt mats and then mew shower.

I heard you’re worrying about some mole.
I slunk out far beyond your garden gnome:
Mew didn’t munch that mouse that I brought home:
I thought you might desire a meadow vole.”

Author notes

I assume this wonderful purrtrait photograph is courtesy of Pinterest.

I had some argument with the Mews in the last line of the third stanza, so I consulted Him again, The Sublime Mews Himself, and he expurressed adamantly that yogurt mat is the correct term. Again, an attempt has been made to conform to the North American Feline Dialect in spelling. If mew disagree, I suggest mew take it up with your cat. I doubt you’ll win the discussion.

© Anissa Nedzel Gage 2021, All rights reserved

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