Purr-fect Cat Lover Destinations For The Feline-Obsessed

When you fall in love with cats, they quickly become the centre of your life. Everything you do in your life revolves around them – including, incidentally, travel.

Taking your cat abroad with you is a hassle because of quarantine. But it’s also totally worth it if you have the time, space and money. Plus, you can take them to all sorts of amazing cat-themed places.

Travelling the world with individuals you love can sometimes be a challenge – something you’ll know all about if you’ve ever had a spouse visa refused. But it’s also so rewarding. Want out advice? Just sort out the paperwork and go!

Here’s where you should visit.

The Roosevelt Island Cat Sanctuary, NYC

Pexels – CC0 License

Planning a trip to the Big Apple. If so, you’ll want to check out the Roosevelt Island cat sanctuary. This small venue was originally a smallpox hospital but has since undergone a wonderful transformation, looking after lost and abandoned cats in New York. The people who run the establishment collect feral and stray animals that roam around Manhattan and provide them with a safe place they can thrive with other cats. Plus, they’re also up for adoption.

The Big Cat Sanctuary, UK

Pexels – CC0 License

If you love your big cats, then you’ll want to check out the Big Cat Sanctuary in the UK. Large cats aren’t native to Britain, so you might wonder why the country would need such a place. But the location takes in cats from zoos across the world, providing much-needed rehab so they can reenter the wild. Getting access to the sanctuary is a challenge. So if you want to visit it, you’ll need to give the charity’s stewards a darn good reason. Perhaps you’re a cat inspector.

The Cat Museum, Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country that was once part of Yugoslavia before those states broke up into smaller fiefdoms. And it also happens to be home to the Cat Museum, an intriguing place offering a vast selection of cats and memorabilia.

You can find this curious establishment in Kotor – a city absolutely packed to the rafters with cats. Everyone in the city loves them and will do whatever they can to make their feline friends happy. If you’re a serious cat lover yourself, you’ll feel right at home.

The Gotokuji Temple, Japan

Like most other cultures around the world, the Japanese love and revere their cats. So much so, that there are entire temples dedicated to them.

Gotokuji Temple cats

Perhaps the most notable of all is the Buddhist Gotokuji Temple, which features thousands of monuments to cats, both large and small. There are enough cats here to rival the Terracotta Army. And the best bit? You can purchase one of your own to take with you on your travels.

Ciorani, Romania

You won’t find the tiny village of Ciorani in any tourist handbook. But it is certainly the cat capital of Romania, if not the world. You’ll find it nestled high up in the mountains, totally overrun by cats. Here are more cats here than anywhere else in the world per human inhabitant. They’re everywhere.

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