The Felines of New York: The Shop Window Cat

Hi everyone,

We are back today with another little post on our felines of New York. It comes as no surprise that there is a whole book on the felines of the city available as it certainly seemed that we bumped into another cat at every street corner!

This particular beautiful cat was resting on a sheepskin in a shop window of a place selling all kind of interior design decoration and clothes.

As we didn’t venture into her “lair” it almost seemed like she was giving us a very displeasing look! But after all who would want Pawparazzi that doesn’t pay for your food bills after taking your photo? 😉

Do you know of cats in shops and other business places? Let us know by getting in touch!



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2 thoughts on “The Felines of New York: The Shop Window Cat

  1. Léa says:

    My favorite bookstores always have felines in residence. What could be more natural that a chair, a book and a cat or three…?

  2. zodiacimmortal says:

    Not currently But I remember when I was a toddler (or early years of grade school) a shop Cross County (back in 80s )had a cat that would sleep in the front window.
    And I just remembered as well a place I worked at (BEFORE I worked there) Had a cat.
    Then While I was working there when I went in the day after my day off one of the guys was like go in there there’s a surprise. (I am in no way a morning person and didn’t really care… but my whole day was made) when I saw the little black kitten (with a white patch on her chest and belly) years went by she’d leave go missing for awhile an then come back around the same time she originally showed up. So while our deliver guy was on one, they gave him a cat and I had the honor of them coming to visit me in my guard shed. (but then I was the mama as I fed them (though my boss named them. Pepper (the black and white) who could be ‘peppy’ or could easily rip your head off (trust me on this. Ii saw this small cat look like she was going to kick some BIG dog (I swear it was part lion) fur in front of me.

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