Guest Star: TaterTot

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Please find below a guest story by Angela Ferguson about TaterTor.

My husband and I heard a faint crying coming from outside. It sounded like a cat but it also sounded like a little baby. This went on for a couple of days, probably about three or four days. Until one day, my husband decided to check our basement because he had a feeling.

In the basement we share in my apartment building, he found a little tiny kitten in the corner of a cabinet soaking wet, covered in dirt and crying.  He rushed him upstairs to me and I couldn’t believe what I saw. I was amazed this little tiny kitten was still alive.

This little orange kitten was covered in dirt and gravel, fleas and mites, and was wet and emaciated.  First thing we did was give him a little bit of food. Then I took him and washed him in the sink and used Dawn soap to get the fleas off. Then dried him off, gave him flea treatment, cleaned his ears and fed him again.

We took him to the vet first chance we got, and he had worms and ear mites. We found out he was only six weeks old. And he was in relatively good health except for being starving. It took a while to put weight on him because we couldn’t do it too fast.

Immediately he became very attached to me.  He would nurse on my shirt sleeve while kneading enthusiastically.  I became his surrogate mother.  I began bottle feeding him with Kitten Milk Replacement, which he took with gusto!

I had 2 six month old kittens already, and they quickly took to him.  They played with him very gently and I swear they knew he was fragile, because they treated him as such.

We named him Tyson because he was such a fighter (like Mike Tyson). He began growing into a happy kitty.  He always walks around with his tail straight up vertical, and it warms my heart.  He plays feverishly with his adopted siblings and you would never know he had such a rough start in life.

Now he struts around with his chubby kitten belly, so I call him my TaterTot.  He loves to play and zoom throughout the house.  He even trills and sings before he uses the litterbox, while I’m preparing their food, and when he’s running up the cat tree.  He’s such a happy little guy and he’s the light in my life.

By the way, he still sucks on my shirt and kneads.

Angela Ferguson
Milton, Pennsylvania

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