Moving Home With Your Pets Can Be Stressful–Here’s How To Make It Easy

Moving home is one of the most stressful and daunting tasks that we’ll ever take on. It’s one of the reasons why most people just hire a mover to help them move all of their stuff, but even then, we still need to plan months ahead of time to ensure that we don’t forget anything. We often forget things when moving which is why it’s important to have a moving calendar to help us keep track of everything that we’re doing. Despite having a calendar to guide us, we might find ourselves in a situation where moving our pet becomes a huge obstacle that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

So in this post, we’re going to talk about how you can move home with your pets and make it as easy and simple as possible.

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Make sure your pet is used to travelling in vehicles

One of the biggest issues when moving home with your pets is that they’re simply not used to travelling in a vehicle. If you have a long-distance to travel then it’s fairly common for your pet to get a little restless and have a hard time coping. They might seem distressed and they might whine and get upset. Some dogs might even bark loudly in protest because they’re not used to the sensation of a moving vehicle. So if possible, try and check that your pet is comfortable travelling in a car before you decide to take the responsibility of moving them into your own hands.

Get your pet a crate or carrier if needed

It might be necessary for you to purchase a crate or carrier for your dog or cat if they’re feeling restless or stressed when inside of a vehicle. Crates are usually a good idea for when you’re taking your pet to the vet or for a long-distance trip, but they’re also good for when you need to move your pets as well. Make sure the crate is a good size that fits in your vehicle and gives your pet enough space to move around a little and feel comfortable.

Consider speaking to a transport service

Perhaps the best way to transport a pet is to just speak to a pet transport service. A reputable service can give you peace of mind and take your pet out of the equation when moving. They won’t be able to travel with you, but they’ll ensure that your pet is taken care of, fed, and looked after. This is especially important for long-distance trips where you’re unsure if you’ll be able to take care of your pet during the trip.

If you’re going to transport them yourself, make sure you have a bag of essentials

For long-distance trips, make sure you carry a bag of essentials with you if you’re going to transport your pet by yourself. This includes lots of food and water to keep them fed and hydrated. It’s also important to consider the temperature of your car and to keep it as cool as possible to make it comfortable for your pet.

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