Maine Coon Ownership: What I’ve Learned

Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest post from Gary:

I am the owner (or the human) of a 15 pound gray-silver Maine Coon girl: Chelle. If she was in a cat show circuit, she would be in the Blue Smoke color class. But she’s not, so just plain silver she is. I remember the first time I saw a Maine Coon. It was on the evening new, and the anchors were talking about a cat show going on in the city.

They introduced a cat as Knight, a 20-something pound male orange tabby Maine Coon, who could be seen at the show this weekend. I was smitten, went to that cat show, and a number of months later, I was the owner of 3 month old Maine Coon kitten. It was pretty quick!

Here are a couple of things I’ve learned from my experience jumping head-on into Maine Coon ownership as a beginner. Try not to judge me too hard, I am a first time pedigreed cat owner just trying my best.

Finding a Kitten For Sale

As a millennial, I make huge purchasing decisions (houses, cars, insurance) and restaurant plans through the same process: online reviews, Youtube, Facebook, and Google. It is no different for pets. I followed Knight on Facebook, then watched all the videos I could. I read owner blogs and breed guides. I also checked the eye-watering price of Maine Coons.

Then I contacted all the catteries here locally and learned they all had waiting lists on future litters. I followed suit. I then did an interview. After 4-6 months, I got a call that it was my turn. I was emailed some pictures of the kittens, picked one, and signed the sales contract.

I did not expect to have to be vetted by the breeder and I did not expect to wait so long. I know now both of things are standard for quality catteries. Don’t expect to call a place up and say “one Maine Coon kitten, please!” And if any operations promise that, it’s likely a scam or mill.

Vetting Your Cattery

A week later I went to the airport to pick up my new kitten who arrived from a neighboring island. I was lucky because Chelle is a social, goofy, and decent-sized Maine Coon. Breeders in Hawaii are a tight group and there were only a few reputable operations. They also referred interested parties to each other.

Your location may not be so simple. In your rush to have a new kitten, don’t forget to do due diligence. The best thing is to visit the cattery in-person and make a decision there. There you can gauge the cleanliness, meet the kittens and their parents, inspect the grounds, ask health related questions, and so much more.


Maine Coons are among the smartest cat breeds. You can train yours to walk on a leash outside, play fetch, and even do simple tricks. I thought it would be cool to try. Of course in reality, my cat is too good and lazy for that. No doubt she is intelligent. But what it really means in daily life is that I need to keep an eye on faucets, toilets, and bathtubs.

Why? Because she’s figured out how to work the tap in the kitchen and bathroom sinks to access flowing water! Another Maine Coon trait is an infatuation with water. This breed loves hypnotic moving water – they stare at it and bat it with their paw. My Chelle does not go swimming or try to join me in the shower like other Maine Coons, but she proves the water generalization to be true. So in my house… we leave the toilet seat down, and try to make the bathtub off limits!


Lots of sources said Maine Coons are an exceptional cat breed because of their unique personality. Instead of hiding in novel situations and with new people, Maine Coons are confident in charging forward and making a new friend. “Dog-like” was the term people used to describe Maine Coons. This is true.

In practical terms, it means every time I open the front door, my cat slips out the door. What’s she doing? Oh, just trying to find a neighbor’s door and go into their home like it ain’t no thing. She’s so trusting. Another one of her favorite things is to go outside and sit in the hallway and “greet” our neighbors as they come home. It’s endearing and I can’t even feign annoyance.

In Closing

These were some embarrassing, enlightening, and wonderful moments from life with my Maine Coon. I hope they were entertaining. Now excuse me, she is pushing me to get back to work on her website!

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16 thoughts on “Maine Coon Ownership: What I’ve Learned

    • Jeannie St George says:

      I love a Maine coon. Where do you live. I’m in Kentucky. I haven’t been able to find one the reasonable priced.

      • franhunne4u says:

        I live in Germany. Just check the shelter websites of the shelters near you. Even tinykittens, who mainly deal with ferals in Langley, Canada, have the one or other big floof. Just right now they only adot out to local ppl. But they have adopted out two gorgeous floof brothers to Florida some time prior.

  1. floridaborne says:

    What a splendid story. 🙂

    My Maine Coon cats aren’t purebred, which is probably why they were dumped in the woods near my home (One had feet and a tail that weren’t “coon cat.” The other has a coon cat body, but not the face). They are elegant, smart, and just their presence near you can be calming.

  2. Marcia okerlund says:

    Have owned a number of Maine Coon cats, my 12 year old cat will race thru the house as fast as he can go to tease our schnauzer so she will chase him. Probably the smartest cat I have owned. I raised Maine coon when we lived in Montana and yes had waiting lists for them. Some people came back for a second kitten as they loved the breed so much.

  3. Brenda Knight says:

    Busy our Main Coon mix has been with us for three years and we can’t imagine our lives without him. Busy, can open doors, lets us know when we have company before they get to the door. Loves to tear up cardboard boxes and is way too smart for his own good.
    God Bless the Main Coons!!

  4. Deb says:

    Your cat is beautiful. We have a Maine Coon that we lucked into at a local shelter. I am 100% convinced we have the best cat ever: goofy, friendly and loving. He almost never cries. Yes, he is obsessed with water and runs to see the water when we flush the toilet and waits by the shower when we bathe. He plays fetch just like a dog.. we have always called him Cat-dog! Now that I see your post, I am going to try to train him to walk on a leash. Thanks for sharing!

  5. NotWiredThatWayDG says:

    I have a Maine Coon mix and I can relate to everything that you just wrote. My cat likes to wait for the mailman everyday. I have to kind of do some things around the house where my cat can’t see it so he can’t get into it later on when I’m not around. And he loves company. The Maine Coons are really smart sometimes I forget he’s a cat I think he’s a little person.

  6. Sarah says:

    My aunty introduced me to the breed 10 years years ago had the chance to adopt this breed.. he was a male ..very subdued as had to be shaved at time was with papers registered mackerel cream. My uncle didn’t want cat she took him to see knowing he’d love ..not told him he spent half hour cuddling this cat before let on .. well what can we say bout Zeus.. broke into shower .. loved water … insisting hunting in cyclones for dead bird.. will climb trees.. comes in half a tree ..good luck cutting out sulky cat got bit by green ants .. trip vets not good cats.. did I mention I will join in showers.. walks in kitchen puts paws on work top.. looks round ..theybig cats .. wanna move I suggest you do ..o he had a thing bout grooming .. you wash hair he try dry by licking dont sit by.. he be washing .. you was hair he groom them grab and gently bite..(we think mating ) ..over all they great cats . I still want one

  7. Sarah says:

    Also..have you ever had to medicate a main coon.. my auntys zuse.. I took challenge on my latest trip oz.. need steroid cream and tablet ..(fyi he face of vets) .. you try picking up 6kg cat (lying weight) to give medication it not fun ..maincoons like jelly so laid back

  8. Mary Lou Doebler says:

    I would love to adopt a Main Coon. I have a precious orange short hair cat. Male. 2 year old named Frankie. He is such a good at. I want a friend for him. Also I think Main Coons are so beautiful and I have always wanted one. I love cats and will give one a safe and loving home.

  9. Rohvannyn says:

    Oh she’s ADORABLE. My calico isn’t Maine Coon – unless maybe there is a bit in her ancestry – but she loves running water. Bugs me to turn the faucet on and just convinced me to buy her a fountain. She follows me everywhere!

    • Deb says:

      Yes our cat follows us everywhere too.. he is very social. He is our 4th cat and by far the friendliest.
      While traveling, we left him with my sis who has a dog and they have been chasing each other around the house. (He does love to be chased!)

  10. says:

    I had a Main Coon for 20 years. A beautiful cat. He also weighed 20 pounds. H would get in bed with me and in the morning would like my lick cheek to wake me up.

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