Guest Star: Hermie

Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest story by Francine about Hermie:

I recently had to put Hermie down. She was 17 and my little love.

Hermie was found in the dessert outside of Phoenix, AZ. She was nursing on a dead mama and her siblings were dead. She was taken to a friend who rescues cats. This person knew that my purebred Persian got into hanky panky with the neighbor boy and had kittens but only one survived. The friend brought Hermie over and mama cat was thrilled to find another baby. She knew that she had more than one kitten. That was the happiest kitten nursing on her new mama.

Hermie came with fleas and a tapeworm. All the cats (5) got medication. Later she bit an electrical chord and was electrocuted. She got to spend the night at the emergency vet in an oxygen tent and I got to spend $1000.

She became my little buddy. As soon as I sat down she was on my lap. She had to check out everything I ate in case there was chicken on my plate. Then she had to have some. She loved popcorn and liked to lick the bowl.

She was always tiny, never weighed more than 7 pounds. She looks like a kitten next to her adopted brother – the grey Persian above.

One of her favorite games was toe attacking. She would sit on my pillow and watch for my toes to move under the covers then quickly attack. She would run back to the pillow and wait for the next movement. She could do that forever. My husband hated it!

She slept on my shoulder very night. I really miss her.

Francine from Sun City, AZ

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6 thoughts on “Guest Star: Hermie

  1. zodiacimmortal says:

    OMG a cat that liked popcorn… (as in eating?)
    My condolences, July 2018 I had to say goodbye to my Sully and I still super miss her. She stole my heart (or at least part) and took it with her.

  2. Rohvannyn says:

    I’m glad she had such a good life with you. My sincerest sympathies. What a beautiful girl! (My calico loves popcorn – but mostly to play with. Will also play with pepper ends and bugs me every time I cut up a bell pepper because she wants a piece to play with! Once she stole a jalapeno to play with. She’s an Arizona cat through and through just like yours was. Warmest wishes from Tucson.

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