Guest Star: Dewey

Hi everyone,

Please find below a Guest Post from Camille:

I discovered Dewey in my backyard one day looking for food and being a little on the thin side. Since I always keep an emergency can of tuna fish, I opened the can and fed him.

After eating, he came inside my house, made himself at home and rolled over for a tummy rub right away.

This was surprising, since most of my cats have taken time to let me rub their tummy. He was about a year old and I found out from my neighbor who usually adopts all the stray cats that he was over there first.

But, she soon found out that Dewey does not play well with others and her cats chased him away. My last cat had died a few years ago at 23 and I swore I would never have another cat. My neighbor had named him Dewey after the cat in the book “Dewey” about a library cat. Being widowed a long time I had just started dating this guy.

He did not like cats and told me it was either the cat or him. I do not miss him. Later on, I met a guy who loved cats and had been wanting another cat and our family was born!! My house backs up to a creek and Dewey is friends with the ducks, birds and squirrels. He is not aggressive and will sit in the middle of the duck and bird food and watches out for them. Dewey dines with us every night on the back deck and is very willing to help eat the fish we cook.

Although Halibut and Cod are his favorites, he will eat Salmon! He does take it upon himself to walk the fence guarding the back and front deck during the day. Always being inside by 8pm to guard the house, although daily naps are on the nearest blanket or chair. He will turn 7 this year.

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4 thoughts on “Guest Star: Dewey

  1. catladymac says:

    Dewey not only gave you a lovely cat – he straightened out a potentially toxic relationship ! Good job Dewey !

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