Purrsday Poetry: Aslan Smiles

“I gaze upon My universe with eyes

More blue and pure than all the morning skies !

More clear, wild, sweet than cool mysterious streams !

How all My earth in quiet enchantment gleams !

I am a deeper Sacredness! With Eyes

So Feline seeing all that creeps and flies !”

Oh my ! … How wonderful !… I think and say

For years I knew it must have been this way:

How God would look through all our kitties’ eyes:

One huge house cat magnificently wise ! …

Or so I, in my innocence, supposed,

While, with my TV on, I softly dozed.

How my sweet Ping loved documentaries

With prides of lions, Then, Oh God, she SEES  !!!!!!!!

And strives to meld her Meezer meows with purrs

Then somehow makes outrageous yowls with whirs !

Astonishing ! Her sylvan spirit soars:

Transforming mews to wild soprano “roars” !

And ever after, riled with raucous sounds,

Oh how my pint sized lioness stalks and bounds !

Author notes

This magnificent image is, of course, from Pinterest.

I’m afraid it’s a true story: my dear departed Missy Pong Ping of Seal Point adored watching documentaries, like many cats love watching TV. And then came that wonderful one about lions that totally and permanently transformed her meow ! Somehow she knew they were Great Cats indeed and this is just how she should do it ! I’m sure the late Sublime Mews Blaize Achew Panda-monium would have more likely titled it something like: Aslan’s Smiles: A Miniature Meezer’s Magnificent Sublime Adorability Factor. As for miniature, Ping, the dainty empress, was just a touch over five pounds when she was plump.

As you remember, Aslan was C.S. Lewis’ great lion symbol for God in those wonderful  Narnia books.

© 2020 Anissa Nedzel Gage, All rights reserved

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