Revealed: Instagram’s Highest Earning Animal Accounts

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  • Jiffpom, the tiny Pomeranian, can potentially earn 5.8M/year190X the UK average salary
  • Instagram’s highest earning animal accounts include nala_cat, itsdougthepug and juniperfoxx
  • Pumpkin the Raccoon has 1.3M followers and can potentially earn 748,010/year24X the UK salary
  • Other animals cashing in on the ‘gram include marmosets, squirrels, pigs and toads
  • Jiffpom makes MORE money per post than Zoe Sugg – one of the UK’s highest earning influencers

NEW RESEARCH by can reveal the world’s highest earning animals on Instagram and how much MORE they potentially earn per year compared to the UK average salary*.

For example, did you know Jiffpom (@jiffpom), the tiny Pomeranian, can potentially earn 190X the UK average salary? The plucky Pom is social media gold and potentially earns £22,319 per post on the ‘gram, over £3,000 more than Zoe Sugg – one of the UK’s highest earning influencers. If Jiffpom posted just one picture per day in a working year (262 days), this earning could equate to £5,847,578.

The next highest earning animal is rescue cat Nala (@nala_cat), a Siamese-Tabby mix. Nala has approximately 4.3M followers and can command a potential earning of £9,085 per post. That’s over £13,000 less than Jiffpom but still pretty good for a feline. If Nala posted just one picture per working day, she could make £2,380,270 – 77X the UK average salary!

@juniperfoxx and @this_girl_is_a_squirrel are among the more “unusual” animals making it into the top 10 highest earning accounts.

According to estimates, the adopted North American red fox Juniper, earns £6,181 per post (£1,619,422/working year). A supremely silver lining for an animal descended from fur-farm foxes!

While Jill the Squirrel (another rescue and victim of Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana) potentially earns £2,303 per post (£603,386/working year).

Data for the top 20 highest earning animal accounts seen overleaf.

*Methodology inserted the Instagram handle of each account into the Instagram Money Calculator, which estimates how much an influencer might earn per post on their Instagram account, before working out an average.

Potential earnings per post were multiplied by 262 to estimate how much an influencer might earn if they posted one picture per working day in 2020. This total sum was divided by the UK average salary, which is projected to be £30,800, to work out the difference.

Animal Account Followers Potential Earnings Per Post (£) Potential Earnings If They Posted One Picture Per Working Day (£) How Many Times Greater Than The UK Average Salary
Jiffpom 10.7m 22,319 5,847,578 190x
nala_cat 4.3m 9,085 2,380,270 77x
itsdougthepug 4m 8,427 2,207,874 72x
Juniperfoxx 2.9m 6,181 1,619,422 53x
Iamlilbub 2.4m 5,072 1,328,864 43x
marniethedog 1.8m 3,762 985,644 32x
pumpkintheraccoon 1.3m 2,855 748,010 24x
realdiddykong 904k 2,823 739,626 24x
hamilton_the_hipster_cat 789k 2,468 646,616 21x
this_girl_is_a_squirrel 736k 2,303 603,386 20x
Reagandoodle 513k 1,606 420,772 14x
popeyethefoodie 415k 1,300 340,600 11x
mensweardog 401k 1,257 329,334 11x
hamlet_the_piggy 366k 1,146 300,252 10x
snoooopybabe 285k 895 234,490 8x
yaboi_toby_toad 171k 539 141,218 5x
titotheraccoon 163k 517 135,454 4x
siberianhusky_jax 163k 514 134,668 4x
teddytheshetland 153k 483 126,546 4x
Lionelthehog 151k 473 123,926 4x

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