Guest Star: Panda & Peppy

Hi everyone,

Following on from our post on how to introduce a dog to cats we got this lovely story of Panda & Peppy from Patty E on how successful her own experience was:

I just finished reading the article about how to introduce a dog to the cats. I did not have a problem at all. I must admit, my dog was and is very mellow, so no problems ever arose.

The three kitty brothers were rescued from underneath my neighbor’s shrubs at a very young age. I had to bottle feed them for several weeks. I got the dog as an eight week old puppy. There were never any issues. Everyone is now seven years old.

One of the kitties, Pepper, and Panda, the dog, formed a special bond. They still play together, rather roughly sometimes, and they sleep together! I wouldn’t hesitate to say they love each other! The two other kitties adore Panda. They rub on her and follow her around, but Panda doesn’t really show them the attention she does Pepper. She is never mean to them, just kind of ignores them!

The only time Panda gets upset with Pepper is when he lies next to her and “makes biscuits” on her fur. Panda doesn’t have a thick coat so Pepper‘s claws snag her skin. That is the only time I have ever heard her growl or show her teeth!

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