Renegade: Which Sleepypod Carriers Suits you and Your Feline Companion Best?

Hi everyone,

It’s me Rennie here today! We thought it would be great to remind everyone of the different types of options our Sponsor & Partner Sleepypod provides with their carriers.

As I recently had to go to the vet and the humans needed to be able to have me on their lap in the car we decided to go for our Sleepypod Air. Which is why we are looking at the Sleepypod Air & Sleepypod Atom first. These are actually 2 different designs but very similar in its features and functions.

Sleepypod Air: Accommodates pets up to 18 pounds / approx. 8.2kg
dogs recommended up to 15 pounds (for comfort) / approx. 6.8kg

Sleepypod Atom: Accommodates pets up to 12 pounds approx. 5.4kg

Sleepypod Air was designed with world travelers in mind! Thanks to its unique and versatile design the carrier can contract in size to meet most airlines regulations and thus us four-legged friends can safely travel with our humans in the cabin instead of having to go in the hold (note this will only apply to those of you in the EU and US as UK airlines sadly are a bit funny about us travelling in the cabin!) Fun fact of the day when I was a little kitten I travelled quite a bit around the United States in one of these! Before I became British I was a Texan bread and born naughty kitten. 😀

Of course similar to the Sleepypod Mobile pet bed this carrier can also be safely strapped in for car journeys but its design will suit people that need to carry us for longer distances or use airplane and public transport to get to our destination.

The smaller Atom version, on the other hand, was actually based on the original Air design but made slightly smaller and more compact to be great for the everyday life of our humans with us felines.

But don’t worry about it being too small for even long orientals such as me or my sister the Peterbald! As you can see in the photos above we had lots of fun testing this particular version of the carrier and you can see the detailed paw test here.

Either way regardless of if you go for the Atom or Air version both of these carriers fold down so that your humans can easily store them under a sofa, bed or tuck it away in the cupboard while not in use.

Next up we are going to look at the Sleepod mobile pet bed! 😀

This particular carrier comes in 2 sizes:

Sleepypod Mini: Accommodates pets up to 7 pounds / approx. 3.2kg
dogs recommended up to 5 pounds (for comfort) / approx. 2.3kg

Sleepypod Medium: Accommodates pets up to 15 pounds (6.8kg)
dogs recommended up to 12 pounds (5.4kg) (for comfort)

This particular carrier is purrfect for traveling to unfamiliar locations with us felines. Your humans will be able to keep it out as a stylish bed at home thanks to the removable mesh dome so that we feel like we are just travelling in our family bed! The other great thing is that the lovely plush fabric is removable and can be machine washed, I hate to mention it but I did have a little accident in my own carrier in a recent car journey… so for those moments it’s good to know that our humans can make it squeaky clean again!

Many stylish colours are available so your human can fit our bed in with their existing colour scheme!

And lastly… travelling long journeys by car? Maybe to a cat show or a new home? Well… thanks to it’s seat belt straps this carrier can be securely belted in for the car journey!

I’ve included their instructional video for you which is great in finding out more about how to safely use the carrier, especially for the car journeys!

Oh, and did you know that our friend and famous feline Starina Esperanza Silvaz uses a Sleepypod mobile DAILY? 😀

Starina LOVES her mobile pet bed and her mummy struggles to get her out of it at times. 😉

No matter where to… from her mums fitness routine to a journey in the car! She is always with her carrier. 🙂

Sometimes there will even be a snack delivered to her in the carrier, I really wish MY humans did that for ME!

Additionally, the mobile pet bed doubles as a purrfect cat bed! Simply take the top off and it provides us with an amazing bed to nap in.

The full range of Sleepypod products can be found on their European and American stores. And using our unit links will give our European Felines a pawesome 5% off their products at final checkout.

Signed by,

His Meowjesty Prince Renegade also known as the Flash

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