Cats of the Pandemic

Whoever you are, whatever your situation, relationship status, age or job, you will have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

But while everyone has been impacted, a lucky few have been incredibly fortunate to have the support of a faithful feline to help them through the difficult times.

Agria Pet Insurance is celebrating the impact that these cats have made in the lead up to International Cat Day on 8th August.

Agria’s survey of 122 cat owners found that:

77% said that their cat kept them company

  • 65% found their cat comforted them when they needed it

58% were cheered up by their cat making them laugh

  • 53% felt that their cat had improved their mental health

Here, ten of those owners explain why their cat has meant the world to them, as everything else in the world turned upside-down…

The emergency worker’s best friend

“I am an emergency worker and live on my own. My kitten brightens up my day, makes me laugh daily and is so excited to see me when I get home from a long shift. She’s the best!”

The cat sitter’s calming influence

“I have two cats. Last year, after doing an office job for 34 years, I set up my own business as a cat sitter. I loved it and was getting quite a few regular customers; but Covid caused my work to dry up. My two cats have kept me going.

“I suffer from anxiety and without these two I don’t know how I would have coped. They know when I am down and come to me to comfort me. Knowing I have to look after them ke me going in these awful times. They have no idea what is going, on only that their mummy no longer comes home smelling of other cats.”

The child’s companion

“We got our Ragdoll kitten last year. She’s so placid that she’s amazing with our children. My daughter, who turned 4 during lockdown, was missing her friends and teachers from school, but giving her best friend Narla a cuddle made her happy.”

The comedy duo

“I am a healthcare worker and after a long day, Lanie & Benny would chase each other,

at full speed, throughout the house. It would make me laugh so hard – exactly what I needed. Then they both would snuggle with me at bedtime.”

The entertainer and family’s focus

“Bramley came to live with us in December last year, so we only had him for a few months before the pandemic started. He’s a British Blue shorthair, and only has one eye after an injury as a kitten, so needed a home where he would get lots of love and attention.

“He’s an absolute loon; always getting into mischief, knocking things over, climbing, following us around, playing with our other two rather elderly cats and generally being a huge source of entertainment. All of our cats have been a huge comfort to our two daughters during the lockdown.

“The girls are missing their friends, activities and school really badly, so having furry friends to love, cuddle and care for has helped us all when things have seemed very strange and difficult. Bramley disappeared for a few days in April after being scared by a neighbour’s dog. We were devastated, put up posters and asked people in our road to look out for him – we met quite a few new people across the neighbourhood and eventually he came home safe and sound! He seems to have learned his lesson now and keeps away from dogs.

“Bramley’s first birthday was in May and it was great for us to have an excuse to celebrate!”

The devoted supporters

“I’m a paramedic and I recently moved 250 miles away from the rest of my family in January. My dad’s not very well and I’m not able to visit him whilst everything is going on, especially given my job as I could possibly give it to him. I have a cat and a rabbit and they have kept me smiling through their antics every day. I come back from work and they’re there making me laugh as soon as I’m through the door! I think without them, I’d really be struggling at the moment.”

The honorary care worker

“My youngest cat Archie regularly deserts me to spend time with my elderly next door neighbour. Joan has dementia & Archie Is one of the few people she can always remember. The care team who support Joan have suggested that he deserves an honorary care badge.”

The closest of companions

“Norm my cat has been a rock thorough out the whole Covid19 period as he makes me very happy that I have something to come home to, after working long shifts as a key worker. I’m so glad we have each other!”

The ray of sunshine

“I work for the NHS as a key worker. At home it’s just me and my little boy cat Coco. To

be honest, I’m finding it difficult to deal with everything going on, but what gives me sunshine and comfort is Coco.

“He’s the one who gives me that “come on you can deal with this” look. He’s the one who snuggles with me at night so I don’t feel the loneliness. He keeps me sane.”

The cuddler

“I work long night shifts, so when I come home, Mabel is always ready to give me a good cuddle. And she always brings a smile to my face.”

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2 thoughts on “Cats of the Pandemic

  1. Rohvannyn says:

    My kittens have done so much to take me “out of my own head” by distracting me just when I’m about to get gloomy. Boykitty Hiroshi is a champion cuddler and emotional support cat with a massive purr that sounds like an old radial engine, while Girlkitty Nishiko always amazes me with her intelligence and acrobatic leaps.

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