Six-week-old Kitten Left Behind After Property was Evacuated

Whilst carrying out an end-of-tenancy check is second nature to most landlords across the country, one got a six-week-old surprise in London last week after they found an abandoned kitten left all alone in the garden.

  • Tiny Bubbles had seemingly been left behind by the previous tenants, although it is impossible to know why, or whether they owned any other pets such as the mother.
  • Luckily, the landlord went over to the property shortly after the tenants had moved out, so young Bubbles hadn’t yet come to any harm.
  • In fact, he seemed happy enough out in the garden, where the landlord found him climbing over the patio furniture!

Being unsure whether the kitten had indeed been abandoned there or was a stray who had found his way into the garden, the landlord called Mayhew and spoke to one of their Animal Welfare Officers. Tania Mazzoni went straight out to investigate, and eventually managed to trap Bubbles in order to bring him back to Mayhew for a check up.

Tania said “It took me a while to catch Bubbles as he gave me a real run around – he was incredibly bouncy and energetic, and seemed to be enjoying himself!”

Thankfully, their health check revealed that Bubbles seemed to be as healthy as he was happy, and so Mayhew microchipped him before moving him in with one of their expert foster carers, who will be able to look after him until he is old enough to be neutered and rehomed.

Mayhew can’t know the circumstances of how Bubbles came to find himself alone in the garden, and whilst they would always advocate that someone call us for help if they are struggling to care for an animal, they understand that in difficult times such as these many people and their pets will be facing crises and hardships.

If you or anyone you know needs support or advice in this area, please get in touch with their Animal Welfare team on 020 8962 8000, or email – they are still responding to messages, supporting pet owners and rescuing animals throughout the pandemic, and they will never judge you or your situation. They only want to help.

Similarly, if you are tempted to get a new pet to provide additional comfort and company; or because you are finding yourself with more time on your hands right now, please do extensive research into the animal you are interested in and make sure you are fully equipped to care for them and meet their five welfare needs for years to come – not just until the pandemic is over.

The five welfare needs of every animal are:

  1. The need for a suitable environment for the animal to live in.
  2. The need for a suitable diet.
  3. The need to exhibit normal behavioural patterns for their species and breed.
  4. The need to be housed either with or apart from other animals, as per the requirements of their species and breed.
  5. The need to be protected from pain, suffering and disease.

Mayhew also advocates that all cats and dogs be neutered, in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies and reduce the number of animals coming into rescue centers and shelters.

To find out more about the work they do to support pet owners and animals in our local community, please visit their website here.

To see which animals are currently available for adoption, please take a look at their Adoption pages here, and stay tuned for updates on Bubbles!*

*Please note, Mayhew are unable to reserve animals in advance and so will not be registering any interest in Bubbles until he is listed on the website.

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6 thoughts on “Six-week-old Kitten Left Behind After Property was Evacuated

  1. meowmeowmans says:

    Thank goodness for the landlord, Mayhew, and Miss Tania. We are gad Tiny Bubbles is safe and being cared for until he finds a forever home.

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