Guest Story: The Rescue Cats

Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest story from Maureen Sheehan:

My hubby and I live in the US. We are OAPs, and all that comes with that.

We have already, as the kinfolk tell us, too many cats, all rescued. So a few months ago we see this kitten and another bouncing around the alley.

We were already feeding the resident alley black cat and the newly homeless orange cat under our porch. Beds too. So the two new cats were hungry, we fed them too, I named them.

One stopped coming to eat, and the other is getting fatter and fatter. Then she has kittens in the box (with a bed and towels) under the porch. SIX kittens. How can I feed and have room for 7 cats?

Finally I had to let them be with their mommy as long as they could, so before they could walk, brought them in. The mommy’s name is Dilly and she has been very very good. She had to learn how to use the litter box.

She is loving to us, and growls at the other cats behind their lattice partition. She doesn’t cry or try to get out and feeds them all. I estimate six more weeks before I will have to give them away.

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