The Great Lockdown Escape!

Hi everyone,

So the other week we were spending some time quality time trying to relax in the garden with our little ones.

With lockdown we are very lucky to have a garden and figured let’s spend the time outside with our little ones.

All went well at first with Mr Rennie deciding to take over the chair and use my top as a nice resting blanket. 😉

Freya on the other hand who looks like butter can’t melt in her mouth… not so much! Us humans and most of the clowder were quite happy with the sunshine and time outside and first we thought this was also enough for Freya…

But we quickly realised she was no longer in the garden! Where did she go? How did she escape over our 6 feet (ca 2meters) fence??? Well, it turned out that apparently she managed to get over the fence somehow! And it just had to be the neighbour behind us so no quick sneaking over to the neighbour and picking her up…

We made a quick call to our neighbour to alert her and of course prep for having to be 2 meters apart from her while rescuing our little escapee. As we had to go all the way around to the other side of the road we of course couldn’t just carry her over so decided to grab one of the smaller carriers from our website sponsor sleepypod to head out for the rescue adventure!

Especially the Sleepypod Air or Sleepypod Atom are brilliant for this kind of needing quick access as they easily fold up and slide under a sofa or cupboard so you can grab them when you really need them!

Once over at the neighbour we realised that Freya was most intrigued by their fishpond. Cats and fish, no surprise right?

While the neighbours kept their distance we lured our little princess inside her sleepypod, closed it all up and carried her back home!

And there she is back safely in the house. :o)

Sadly over the next few weeks she got sneakier and sneakier and kept escaping over the fence! Our Sleepypod Atom quickly became a blessing as we really didn’t fancy heading out with a large bulky carrier on the regular search and rescue mission… Not to mention that this carrier is also so light that it is super convenient to use when you have to take your cat somewhere or in this case bring her back home!

But it of course couldn’t go on like that so we had to find a solution so she couldn’t continue to harass the neighbours fishes. Barbwire of course was not an option. 😉

Luckily sleepypod had the purrfect solution for this as well! The martingale cat harness that we reviewed previously here.

The important thing with a harness is to get your feline friend used to them first so we made sure she had plenty of time getting used to the harness indoors at first.

Little Freya must have known we were up to something with this new “outfit” but it certainly did the trick! Once we got her used to the harness we went outside with her with an extra-long lead so that she could still run around the garden and chase flies but this was the end of her saga of sneaking off to the neighbours to harass the fishes!

The nice thing about their harness is the fact that it is super leight weight and has airholes to reduce heat build up so it didn’t take Freya long at all to get used to it.

At the moment the sleepypod cat harness is only available in the US but once it makes it’s way over to our shores we will keep you posted!



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7 thoughts on “The Great Lockdown Escape!

  1. Charles Huss says:

    We used to let Frankie out in the back yard years ago, which was quasi-fenced, but he wold escape the yard or climb a tree to the roof so we had to put a leash and harness on him. He is used to it now and gets very excited when I take it out.

  2. erin says:

    I’m glad Freya is enjoying her harness! My cat was free-roaming before I adopted her and she never took to the harness. I think she was too used to being free to roam. And she was 12 by the time I found her, so probably set in her ways. But she has fully transitioned to indoor life now 🙂

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