Cats Bring Love

There seem to be many cat people out in the world and the reason is that there are quite a few benefits to cat ownership. You can be sure that you are in good company if your household has a cat. Cats have become popular pets and have always brought much joy and love to their humans. In a recent study, it was discovered that over two million cats share a home with a human or humans all across Australia. Keep in mind that owning a cat can improve your quality of life. People get a pet to have companionship and soon they find out that cats are wonderful companions. If you own a cat keep in mind that even though cats don’t need too much exercise they do like to play with their humans. Tossing a toy mouse around the room can give both you and kitty some exercise, lots of love and lots of fun too. Your cat will love to have some toys they can share with you and play with on their own.

The one thing about cats that humans have discovered and that they like is that these small, furry animals can become like substitute children in families that don’t have any human children. If there are children in the household then it has been noticed that children who grow up with cats appear to have more practice with consideration toward what other people might be feeling and thinking. This particular feeling of empathy helps children to be able to learn to relate to other people and to consider how their actions will affect them. Cats curled up on laps and purring can greatly help to lower stress and blood pressure. Recent studies have shown that the frequency or pitch of a cat’s purr sounds can help muscles and bones to heal if a person has had an injury.

Living with cats can help keep the doctor away, more than eating an apple a day. Cats bring a feeling of peace and calm in a household. They can also help children to keep their noisy activities at bay because they will notice that a cat may get upset if the noise level rises and children who love their pet cat will also lower their noise level. All in all, you can be quite sure that a cat household can be a healthy and soothing household. For this and other reasons, more people choose cats. Another thing is that cats have their toilets indoors if they do not venture out and so a cat owner does not have to take them for a walk. Many elderly people particularly benefit from the company and love of cats and for them, it is a great plus that they do not have to walk the cat. It is a great situation all around. You give kitty a safe and happy home and kitty gives you companionship and love and keeps you healthier than you have ever been before.

Depending on how big your living space is you can provide your furry companion with his or her own place to relax too. Think of purchasing a cat tree, a cat bed, or some other things just made for cats. This will give both you and your cat some alone time too and that is important as well. Even though a cat might enjoy being right there beside you when you are busy doing things that can be interrupted by a cat it is good to have a place your cat can call their own. This will greatly help to keep a calm environment and your cat won’t feel as if he or she is being ignored or unwelcome they’ll be more than glad to sleep away some hours where they will not be disturbed and in a space that they know is their very own.

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3 thoughts on “Cats Bring Love

  1. Crystal says:

    I just love Cats and they easier to take of than dogs or other animals. Even though my Cat hates being picked up, she’ll cuddle with me. She’s so loving and I love it.

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