Guest Star: The Cats that Saved Their Humans Life

Hi everyone,

Please find below a Guest Story from Diana and how her cats saved her life:

In early 2017 my cats began to act weird, watching my every move but the way they stared was a worry stare, little did I know they were trying to warn me. I used to tell my coworkers that my cats were conspiring to kill me, when I laid down in bed they would sit by me or on top of me just staring.

My older boy Kyle started to wake me up whenever my eyes closed by putting his face on my face and startle me. Kyle was 14 and had cancer and when his time came, we went to his vet so he could cross over peacefully and with dignity. When he was gone, my cat Spiro took over Kyle’s insistence in not letting me sleep. My other cats would lay next or on top of me watching me.

Three month after my Kyle crossed over, I began to find bruises, I wasn’t concerned until the bruises began from few to abundant, so I went to my doctor. He claimed it was hormonal, I told him I needed him to test me for everything in the book including clotting which I thought I maybe having clotting issues. My tests came back all negative. My bloodwork was beautiful but yet I began to feel there was something wrong.

Two months after that I was waking up with horrible cramps in my left leg, my cramps would make me cry. Shortly after that I was getting headaches, I suffer from migraines so I just thought it was migraines.

I was dealing with barely any sleep from my cat waking me up every time I closed my eyes, my cramps in my leg and then the headaches.

My headaches became more frequent and lasted almost an entire day and then I was getting dizzy. I talked to my sister and I told her what was going on and I blamed my headaches on my cats for not letting me sleep. At this point I went again to my doctor and complained of my frequent headaches and he treated me for migraines and even gave me a new drug for migraines that when I tried it I thought I was going to die.

My sister was furious and told me to get a referral for an MRI with contrast from my doctor to check for tumors since she had a meningioma removed several years back.

She said your headaches have nothing to do with your cats not letting you sleep.

I went and my results were that I had an aneurism. In August I had my aneurysm filled with coils and a stent placed.

The doctors called it an accidental finding I told them it’s my sister and my cat’s finding. Thanks to my sister for urging me to get this test done and my cats for trying to keep me up because I’m sure in their minds minds they thought that I would die if I slept.

I love my cats and I thank God for my cats for saving my life, I’m sure it was frustrating for them to not be able to tell me I had something in my head.

Please listen to your cats or dogs, they are God’s gift to us and we should love them.

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5 thoughts on “Guest Star: The Cats that Saved Their Humans Life

  1. bettylouise31 says:

    Some years ago, Kato, my bengal cat keep jumping on my stomach at night. When a sleep test was order I learn that I was stopping breathing sometimes as long as four minutes. After I started using oxgen at he no longer woke me up. He saved my life.

  2. kiki | says:

    Thats amazing!! My cat saved me too!
    Chibi is a playful girl and one time she ran crouched / ducked down like cats do if theyre scared or about to hide, and she hid behind a bed but would peek outto look at the hallway.

    I went to see what she was running and hiding from and there was a man outside my door.
    This was my actual bedroom door because mexico houses are weird and instead of the bedrooms being inside the whole house my grandparents made them upstairs but the entrance is through outside going to the rooftop.

    Anyways if it wasnt for my cat that guy would have done something because i didnt lock my door either. I was able to call my mom to call my grandparents. For some reason sprint didnt let my calls go thru to mexico while in Mexico?? Anyways, saved by my cat!!

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