Guest Star: How Tiger & Cezar Found Their Forever Homes

Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest story from Erick about the story of his cat named “Tiger” and his family of cats and dogs

Him and his brother Cezar were found at a creek called Miller Slough and now is the Las Animas Veterans Park “City of Gilroy” just when they were cold and all alone so cold

A friend of my daughter Tina found them under the bridge and brought them to Tina asking her if she could find homes for both of them and so this is how the story starts just day’s old and so small and Tina called me to come over and see what she had to show me. Ok so I went over to see what she had and wow 2 little cats so cute and she said Dad “Please take one they make good pets and are low maintenance” and I said I’m “A Dog person not a cat person and did not take them but the next day came I went over to visit and said: “Ok, I will take one of them they were only day’s old and I will call him “Tiger” she called hers Cezar, both are tabby.

Cats are so cute.

This is the site they were found

See his name fits him and his personality as well and so did Cezar they seem to be just like one another doing the same thing at the same time my daughter Tina would call me and say: “Dad you know what Cezar did?” and Tiger would be doing the same thing.

Cezar my daughter’s cat has a big family she has 3 cats, 3 dogs, and one very big beautiful horse so Cezar has a lot of playmates and Tiger just has me! And Tiger has photos on my facebook page and also on Twitter and Instagram both videos and photos.

A lot of very funny ones too like the one of Cezar’s brother Dyson

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