The Felines of New York: Yet Another Pet Shop Cat

Hi everyone,

And we are back for the last part of our felines of New York.

This time we are back in yet another pet shop! And it did not come as a surprise to us when we met yet another friendly feline in this local pet shop. 🙂

This particular chap decided to lead us further inside the pet shop directly to the food aisle. Was he hungry? Or was he on commission?

While leading us further around the shop he certainly did make the impression that he was not happy with his human leaving all the bags and tins of food sealed. 😉

We talked with the shopkeeper who told us a bit about the cats background story. Apparently he had been abandoned on the streets of New York and often came to the shop door where he received food from the shop’s owner before eventually being adopted by him as the shops mascot!

Do you know of cats in shops and other business places? Let us know by getting in touch!



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1 thoughts on “The Felines of New York: Yet Another Pet Shop Cat

  1. chrisscatmeow says:

    We have a black and white cat that sits outside the Stenhousemuir B&M,s at Larbert Scotland. People pet him and give him treats sometimes he wanders in the shop. People are sure he has an owner close by. x???

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