Guest Star: Tucson the Once Street Cat

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Wanda and her cat Tucson:

Hi! My name is Tucson.

I was a street kitty in Tucson, Arizona before being rescued at about 3 months old. Within a few days this man and woman came to the shelter and I not only followed them, I wouldn’t let them alone. Of course, they had to adopt me instead of any other kitten.

I was frightened when they put me in a carrier then into one of those things they call a pickup truck but I decided to be a brave kitty and stayed quiet. Once the truck stopped, they carried me into their home and introduced me to my 2 new canine brothers.

The Chihuahua they called Bear was about my size. He sat down in front of the carrier and made it clear I was his cat. 9 years later we are still best friends even though I am almost twice his size. The other dog accepted me but was never as close to me as Bear.

The shelter had been treating me for an ear infection and an upper respiratory infection so my new family took me to their animal doctor when they returned home to Texas with me. The doctor agreed on my infections but added that I also was Feline Herpes Positive and would have to take medicine and be quarantined for the rest of my life.

My new parents spoiled me so much I did not mind. As I grew up, I proved I am definitely a Tummy Rub Kitty. I am now 9 years old and mama has kept me healthy with the medicine and lots of love.

Duke came into my life to be my companion about 2 years later but I’ll let him tell his story on another Saturday.

Have you got a story of your own to share? Get in touch with us today!



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