Alleycat Learns to Walk at Battersea After Being Abandoned

Alleycat Learns to Walk at Battersea After Being Abandoned

An eleven-month-old cat at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has been learning to walk after being found in an alleyway in Lambeth, unable to use her back legs. Fortunately for the young cat, a passing couple noticed a pushchair had appeared in an alleyway by their home and when they went to investigate a few hours later, they spotted a small black and white cat trying to crawl away.

After taking her home and feeding her, the good Samaritans brought her to Battersea’s London centre where staff named her Moomin before taking her straight to the onsite clinic for emergency x-rays and pain medication.

Following tests and X-rays, Battersea’s clinical team discovered Moomin was suffering from Metaphyseal Osteopathy, a disease that can severely affect an animal’s mobility and bones. In this case, the disease had led to a fracture in Moomin’s right back leg and a reduced bone density in her rear left leg, issues which required a complex surgery to rectify.

The disease is fortunately rare in cats, however treatment is essential to guarantee a good quality of life, and animals with this condition may face medical issues again further down the line. Staff at Battersea suspect that Moomin’s original owners may have learned of her condition and the associated potential veterinary costs, before deciding to abandon her.

Once Moomin had recovered from surgery, she began an intensive course of physiotherapy and exercises to get her moving around. To help her recuperate, she went to stay with a foster carer who helped her learn to use her legs in a home environment until she was ready to return to Battersea and begin her search for a new home.

Rachel Saunders, Battersea’s Cattery Manager said: “Moomin has really come a long way since she first arrived at Battersea. It was heartbreaking to see such a young cat struggling to walk and clearly in pain. We’re incredibly grateful to the members of the public who did the right thing by rescuing her from an uncertain fate and bringing her to us.

“Moomin has been a sweet natured cat throughout her ten week stay and has won staff and volunteers over with her purring and inquisitive ways.

“After a wobbly start to life, lucky Moomin has now found her feet and we hope it won’t be long until she also finds a new home.”

Moomin isn’t the only cat at Battersea currently hoping to be adopted. Cats including the distinguished tuxedo cat Prince Benjamin,  six-month-old bundle of fun Elsie, and mother and daughter pair Olive and Snow White the British Shorthairs, are all waiting for their ideal owners to come along. To find out more about Moomin or any of Battersea’s other cats, visit

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5 thoughts on “Alleycat Learns to Walk at Battersea After Being Abandoned

  1. erinthecatprincess says:

    Oh my, such accounts make us cry—though for all the right reasons. What wonderful work Battersea does, along with other cat charities, to persevere and save life. Here’s hoping Moomin gets the home she deserves, a forever home full of the love and care she found at Battersea.
    ERin the Cat Princess

  2. Over Soil says:

    Bless ‘er she is a cutie pie. I think the words need to be added to the photo of her standing on the steps in a grand voice “One is going to be fine now my subjects, please find one a palace and servants soon, but in the meantime thank you to all who have assisted in one’s recovery and waited on one”.

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