DAYTIME DRAMA FOR CATS: The Adventures of Jakie and His Toys

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Hello! I’m Jakie the Cat.

Welcome to my Daytime Drama. It’s my birthday, so I hope I get a new toy. My favorite toys are the ones on sticks that dangle from strings. I have five of them and I gave them all names. Here are: Frankie, Martha, Alfred, Felicia, and Fuzzy.

Hey, My humom is opening a package from 4cats! I love, love, love their toys! It’s gotta be a new toy for me! It’s gotta be!

Oops. I guess it isn’t.  It’s just a rectangle with Velcro and a pocket. Although…I just overheard my humom say it’s called a Cat Scratch Tree Cuff. And it fits across most scratching posts that are 8-12 cm in diameter. What does that mean?

Did you see that? My humom just wrapped the rectangle around my scratching post and it sticks together with Velcro.

She just stuck one of my toys in the pocket!

That looks fun!  But I don’t think she’s finished!

Wow! My humom stuck all my toys around the Cat Scratch Tree Cuff. And you know what? She just made a new toy out of all my old toys!  I gotta try it out!

Yahooo! This is the best birthday present ever! Every cat should have a Cat Scratch Tree Cuff!

I’m Victorious!  And so ends an episode of my Daytime Drama. See you next time!

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