Purrsday Poetry: Grey Tabbies

Grey tabbies somehow have the knack of

Teasing out all the tremulous grudges and

The Greasy  grime of any unbuttoned day

Or week out of me. As if there is a solemn

Silvering of grace inside that grey serenity

My own tabby grey as stone arrived in the

year of meeting my first cat. I found her

 with terrified wonder  in my clothes cabinet

snug and safe, having delivered seven kittens

on my very best white embroidered sari!

After many hurdle hassles and breathtaking

Tumbles into cat territory, the grey tabby came

To stay to show me how wonderful a house becomes

With a tabby on the windowsill or on your best handbag

Keeping you from reckless, useless, often unnecessary

Shopping, even glaring a bit if there is too much of

Netflix in the day and not enough of catnip treats

Being passed around with a dollop of petting,

And a never-ending nap improves the situation

Considerably if a lap is offered to add to bliss

Daksha hathi

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