Guest Star: A Tribute to Izzo

Hi everyone,

Please find below a tribute story by AshTheGamingFox as unfortunately their beloved Izzo has passed away. 🙁

In what we believe was 2015, we found this British Short Hair by our back yard, from what we could tell, he looked like he had a home.. And we believe he was a she back then. We called him Izzy for a long time, as he stuck to that name.

Three or four weeks ago, when he was healthy. ^^

I gave him the nickname of ” Grey Shadow “, from the way he blends in the darkness, and the way he looks like a shadow, I decided to give him that nickname.

About two or three months ago. ^^
In 2016, He was healthy, active, hyper. (( Nothing else happened then, until this year. ))
As 2019, came along, he was still healthy, in March, I believe it was then he started to get a bit unhealthy… As June came along, he looked a lot worst.. We didn’t worry much about it, as we were leaving, we noticed his old house was destroyed.  We worried he might’ve been dead.. As we came home, my sister went to the back door, and started to call out his name.
^^ When he decided to look at my popcorn and see if I had any left. ( He got his head stuck in that. )
^^ When he decided to lay on my leg. ( Early / Late January )

We waited for a few minutes for him to show up. As he did, he looked skinnier. July came along, he began getting weaker.. And didn’t show up on July 17th.. We had hope for him, as July 18th came, my sister went out to find him.. As she found him, he was meowing out in pain, covered in flies.

She brought him in, and cleaned him up. He wondered into the laundry room, as I went to go check up on him, he was trapped, and needed some help getting up. I helped him up, as he looked up. At 2:20 PM or so, he started to have a seizure, he was in my lap at that time, as I placed him down, leaving him alone. Around 9 PM, he did his last, painful meow. As he is still in my heart, five days after his death, he has always been my baby boy and no other cat can replace him.
R.I.P Izzo. ♥
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