Global Tiger Day 2019 at Hamerton Zoo Park

Hi everyone,

Our partner 4cats has once again supported the Hamerton Zoo team for their conservation efforts of big cats for the Global Tiger Day 2019.


Want to see more of the cats in action? Watch the video that 4cats created with the Zoo last year!

Isn’t amazing to see how much the big and small wild cats are just as playful as our feline companions?

As it was quite a hot day… the Tigers had quite a bit of fun with the water as well. ? Do your feline companions enjoy water or do they hate it? ;D

And for the little visitors to the park… there was, of course, a much safer option to get to meet the tigers. ?

In total, this year’s Global Tiger Day managed to raise a massive £1047 for the conservation of Tigers.



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9 thoughts on “Global Tiger Day 2019 at Hamerton Zoo Park

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