Bleu’s Encounter with Sid The Snake

The below call out to watch cat toy safety comes from Hannah & Florivaldo parents to Bleu who had an unfortunate encounter with Sid the Snake!
I just wanted to share with you an unfortunate experience we had with our 9month old British Blue…
After a few days of an upset stomach, diarrhoea then sickness we took our Bleu to the vets on Wednesday.
She vomited an obscene amount at the vets and was taken for blood tests, X-ray, ultrasound and put on a drip.
We had the results back within a few hours of us leaving her to find they had to operate immediately after a foreign body was found in her gut.
Later we received a call from the vet to tell us the operation was successful and they removed a 2.5cm piece of rubber toy from her gut!
We searched the house high and low to find the tail was missing from her toy snake. The tail she chewed off and ate!
This came at a huge surprise to us as Bleu struggles to eat large pieces of food and we always have to break them into smaller pieces for her to consume. So we were very surprised to hear she had ate such a large chunk of rubber.
I and my partner have learned a huge lesson and her favourite toy SID THE SNAKE has been removed from her toy box and is in the bin.
Please make sure your toys are safe for cats, we are so lucky that the operation went well and Bleu is on the mend. She’s still recovering and very sore but is back to eating, drinking and sitting in the kitchen sink!
We feel very fortunate and thankful for the amazing staff at Vets 4 Pets Daventry for taking care of Bleu and the continued after care. Her Breeders Karina Hallatt-Halliwell & Lawrie Jade Hallatt for their continued support and advice.
Please be careful with the toys you give to your pets we certainly learnt the hard way!
Bleu’s Owners – Hannah & Florivaldo
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10 thoughts on “Bleu’s Encounter with Sid The Snake

  1. retrodee says:

    This is important to remember. Cats can and will eat things like this… it seems like they won’t but you just never know! So glad Bleu is OK. (PS: Sid reminds me of the rubber snake I called “Chester” that my cousin Keith had when we were kids!) 🙂

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