Guest Star: Scarlett the Tummy Rub Loving Cat

Hi everyone,
Please find below a guest post from Nikki about her cat Scarlett:
This is Scarlett when she was a kitten. She loves having her tummy rubbed.

Scarlett is a rescue cat, she was found living outside, cold and hungry, with her mum, her brother and her sisters when she was around 8 weeks old. As she was found at that age, she missed out on the crucial handling stage and was pretty much feral when found. She, along with her siblings, was given a lot of love and care in a foster home until I met her and fell in love with her.

When I first met her she was sat on the back of a sofa in the foster home shaking with fear. Her brother and sister were playing, but she was on her own. I know that’s not how you’re supposed to choose to adopt a kitten (all things I’ve previously read tell you to go for the active, playful kittens), but I just fell in love with her immediately and wanted to take her home and care for her.
Scarlett is scared of absolutely everything and is scared of all people except me. She is, however, an amazing cat, she’s come so far since she was a kitten. She’s now 3 and is constantly sitting on my knee, she loves cuddling up on the bed and she’s incredibly intelligent and has learned several tricks during our training sessions. I was amazed I could train a cat but she picked it up so quickly and loves learning new tricks.
She also loves, and this is something I don’t love quite so much, she loves hunting! Mice and frogs are her specialties. I frequently find house guests in my living room that she’s brought in through the cat flap.
Even though Scarlett was pretty much feral when she was found, she’s never once tried to bite or scratch me, even when she’s terrified, such as when I have to put her in her basket to get her to the vet.
She’s an amazing cat.
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12 thoughts on “Guest Star: Scarlett the Tummy Rub Loving Cat

  1. Léa says:

    Though the SPA warned me that Colette was terrified of everyone and everything, she reached out a paw as I entered the main visitors room. She knew she had me and went back to hiding. That was over three years ago. I broght her home and hardly caught sight of her the first few months but there were empty dishes and a box to clean. I waited for her to come to me and it has paid off. I have no idea where she came from or how it was out there for her but something must have happened. I am her human and she isn’t crazy about any other human entering her house. She also doesn’t like cats or other animals. Her favorite throne is my left shoulder and it makes working on the computer a bit of a challenge but she is worth it and I am the lucky one. She chose me! We are, indeed, fortunate. Scarlett is a beauty and I’ve no doubt she chose well.

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