Guest Star: Lulu

Hi everyone,

Today’s entry in our Saturday connections comes from Donna and her beautiful cat Lulu

Lulu is turning 16 years old this year. She is a lovely gentle girl.  She is quite timid, and is not open to being friends with other pussycats.
Lulu and I have been together since she was a few months old. She came from a chaotic home and sighed from relief when she came to live with me.
It is getting cooler here in Australia and she loves her hot water bottle and snuggles under her blanky in the afternoon the sun shines in the front door, she emerges from her chair and bed and lies in the sun on her carpet square.

She is having a few health issues now, but considering her age she is in really good shape.

She is not motivated by food and it is sometimes a struggle to get her to eat enough, unless of course if it’s yummy food not on her special diet. She loves BBQ chicken or tuna loin.

She is the great joy in my life and is very closely bonded to me.

She loves a brush and a cuddle and adores being fussed over.

She will have a sweet sixteen-morning tea later this year. I’ll send some photos

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