Great Gifts for Crazy Cats

We all love our cats, and when it comes to big occasions, like birthdays and Christmas, it’s great to spoil your furry friend with an excellent gift. Whether you have a bouncing new kitten who is full of energy, or an old fluffy tom who would rather lie on the sofa all day, we have the perfect present for your crazy cat. From unique treats to personalised cat bowls to entertaining toys, we’ve rounded up some of the best cat gifts out there.

Personalised Cat Bowls

Personalised cat bowls are a great gift for all sorts of kitties. There are so many gorgeous personalised cat bowls to choose from, from hand-painted ceramic options to stylish metal dishes to bright and colourful bowls. Your cat will love a beautiful new bowl that has their name on it.

Designer Drinking Fountains

Drinking fountains are another gorgeous gift for your fluffy friend, that will help keep them healthy and hydrated. There is a wide range of cat drinking fountains on the market, with features like motion sensors, cute designs and water circulation methods. The running water is designed to encourage your cat to drink more, and help prevent kidney issues.

Handmade Cat Treats

We all know that handmade goodies taste better, so why not treat your cat to some handmade cat treats. Look online for recipes or buy a make your own cat treat kit and create some bespoke treats for your cat. You can even use their favourite ingredients and cute cookie cutters.

Catnip Toys

Cats simply adore catnip, and there are some great catnip toys available that your cat will to lick, chew, sniff and play with. Catnip is a natural herb that cats love and their funny responses to it are a delight to watch. If your cat is an eco-warrior, choose organic catnip toys made with recycled and reclaimed materials to look after the planet too.

Cat Climbing Trees

Cats love to climb and climbing trees are the perfect present for your kitty to play with and stay active. If your cat really deserves a treat and you have space, gigantic cat trees with multi-levels and hidey holes are an awesome gift. Make sure your cat climbing tree is well balanced and won’t topple over, and look for sisal-covered poles they can scratch until their heart is content. If your cat isn’t up to much climbing anymore, a simple, smaller scratching post is a great gift too.

Interactive Cat Toys

If you spend hours playing with your cat and need some respite, an automatic, interactive cat toy is an ideal present for your crazy cat. Look at circuit cat toys which have a ball going along a track that your cat can swipe to activate the motion sensor that will provide hours of entertainment. Other interactive toys include electronic rotating feather toys, automatic light chasers and rotating butterfly cat teasers. These fun and interactive toys will keep your cat active and entertained, especially if they are an indoor kitty.

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