Guest Star: Mr Fluffy

Hi everyone,

Today we have a guest submission from Donna and her cat Mr Fluffy for for you:

I just wanted to share my short story about a big black and white stray cat now called Mr Fluffy.

At the start of the year, the weather was grim and the snow was still on the ground.
I had noticed this big cat watching me as I put food out for the fox. I then started putting some food and a drink down for him and walking away.
After a few weeks of doing this and sitting at my backdoor, he decided to take that leap of faith and jumped into my lap and snuggled his head under my arm. We sat there for a couple of hours having plenty of head and chin rubs such an amazing bond was made.
He’s is now a full-time family member who knows that when he goes out he has somewhere to come back to. He also has a cat buddy called Posey our own cat she is only half the size but is absolutely adorable, it’s just such a good feeling when a cat chooses you, I feel so blessed as does Mr. Fluffy.
We hope you liked his story! And if you have your own story to share drop us an email.
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