Margaret Slape-Phillips is an artist living in Australia.  One day she went to visit a rescue centre in Adelaide because she had seen a kitten in need of a home on Facebook.

“I have to confess he wasn’t my first choice on the day… I had spied his matching twin on Facebook……. amongst a huddle of kittens desperately needing homes. I asked about his twin Dobby….. the answer back was slightly confusing…….Dobby was one half of the Dorberts.”

Affectionately known as The Dorberts, the two kittens, Norbert and Dobby were brothers, so alike as to almost be twins. Both kittens had badly sunburned ears when they were rescued. They needed a forever home where they could spend their lives together. Margaret knew she would take them both!


“It wasn’t very difficult to force my hand to take two gorgeous kittens rather than one.   Norbert is a beautiful little tubby boy…. Incredibly gentle…… beautiful markings. These delightful twins were immediately mothered by our male Oriental who has bonded with them both permanently.”



The Dorberts have featured in several of Margaret’s oil paintings, Norbert’s portrait has been accepted  in this year’s Society Of Feline Artists Spring Exhibition in their online gallery.

From little rescue cats with severely sunburnt ears…. to a feline artist’s cats on canvas.

Visit the exhibition The Society Of Feline Artists

Visit Margret’s web site

by Denise Laurent at The Painted Cat


instagram: @PaintedCatArt

facebook: ThePaintedCatArt

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