Renegade & Freya: Look Daddies, we got you a father’s day present!

Hi everyone,

It’s me Freya here! And today it’s all about our daddies – with father’s day just around the corner we got them the Cattitude box father’s day special edition.

Rennie: Ooooooh is this for me! 😀

Freya: It’s for our daddies… remember… we saved up every last coin we could hide away from the humans wallet for this!

Renegade: Oh yes… but surely they will need a paw in opening their presents right?

Freya: Hmmm…. But… maybe… you might be right

Rennie: I am always right! And look! There are some presents to share with us as well. 😀

Freya: And what a lovely selection of presents it is! Let me comment on each of them…

  • #1 Cat Dad Greeting Card
  • Crazy cat man pin badge
  • Set of 2 – best cat dad coasters: (Did they know that we have 2 Daddies?!?)
  • Catnip kicker: Obviously for us! 😀
  • Catit creamy treats: Oh my cat… our favourite…
  • Purrcrastination mug: Will our Daddies get in trouble at work with this?
  • Real men love cats magnet/bottle opener: We think both our Daddies liked this one a lot! It went straight on the cold cupboard thingy.
  • Tom’s tea – caffeine free cat themed fun fruit teas: One of our two Daddies is obssed with fruit teas so… purrfect edition to his collection. 😉
  • Hiro + Wolf luxury cat collar: I think Oliver should wear this one as the colour suits him better
  • Taco cat key ring: How did they know that both of our Daddies are obsessed with the game exploding kittens. :O

Rennie: Look…. it’s a tasty fishy! It shall be mine! 😀

Oliver: *Barges in and knocks Rennie out of the way* I don’t think so young padawan! That fish is MINE!

Rennie: *Hides & Whispers* Don’t mess with Oliver… he is, after all, a killer whale coloured cat. ;o

Rennie: But I shall dream of the humans opening our favourite treat in the whole wild world for me… *drooling* <3

Freya: So what did our Daddies have to say about their present? Iain & Marc: “We were very impressed with the Cattitude Box! We really love subscription boxes that target both the human and their cat companions and it is rare that a box goes out of their way to target the smaller base of cat dads out there so big kudos to Cattitude box for making all of us cat dads out there feel appreciated! Plus the selection of high-quality goods is a fantastic value for money at £35.”

Rennie: So what are you waiting on… if you want to make a cat dad in your life feel extra special this month head over to purrchase them a Cat Dad box from Cattitude box! They can even send it abroad. 🙂

Signed by,

His Meowjesty Prince Renegade also known as the Flash
Her Meowjesty Queen Freya the Snow Leopard
His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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