Guest Star: The Story of DeeDee the Therapy Cat

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Today’s guest post comes from Anne S. and is a story about her cat DeeDee:

DeeDee the Therapy Cat

DeeDee came to live with Leah and her sister Margo in March of 2009. A rescue cat from the icy streets of Anchorage,

DeeDee was tasked with the job of being a therapy cat for Margo.
DeeDee helped alleviate Margo’s anxiety.

DeeDee was very shy and timid. She spent most of her first few weeks hiding under this recliner.

DeeDee jumped on Margo’s walker whenever Margo walked around.

DeeDee wouldn’t let any touch Margo’s walker when she was riding it.

A few years later Margo was bedridden but still willing to try to get up and use the walker.

DeeDee was excited to see Margo sit on the side of her hospital bed.

DeeDee quickly got up on Margo’s walker seat to wait for a ride.

Margo succeeded in raising up out of the bed to almost standing up. But the sight of DeeDee waiting patiently on the walker for a ride distracted Margo. As she reached over to pet DeeDee she let go of the handle of her walker and lost her momentum to stand up. Margo slumped back into the bed. We reminded Margo to wait to pet DeeDee until she was fully standing and Margo tried to stand up again.

As Margo started to raise her bottom off the bed she reached over to pet DeeDee and slumped back on the bed again.

This scenario was repeated several times before Margo gave up.

But DeeDee remained on the walker still waiting for a ride for several more minutes.

Sadly Margo Declined to Hospice status. DeeDee was her constant companion during this time.
DeeDee started drinking out of Margo’s water cup which absolutely delighted Margo. Margo got another water cup.

It took DeeDee a long time to get used to Margo not being around. DeeDee smacked the hand of anyone who attempted to sit in Margo’s recliner. Finally the recliner was donated somewhere else.

Margo’s sister Leah and DeeDee always say prayers before DeeDee eats her food. One day the phone rang just before Leah and DeeDee said grace. Leah was distracted after she finished talking on the the and forgot to say prayers with DeeDee.

DeeDee waited patiently for a few minutes then went over to Leah and let out a demanding and exasperated yowl of displeasure. Leah quickly went to DeeDee’s food bowl to say grace.

DeeDee has become restless prior to some of the earthquakes here in Anchorage. If we could speak cat she could tell us what was about to happen.

DeeDee does not think she is a human. She knows she is a cat. She thinks we are cats too.
But she doesn’t think we are intelligent cats. She thinks we are very stupid cats. Still she is understanding and seems to believe that her job is to try to help us.

Anne Sullivan.

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7 thoughts on “Guest Star: The Story of DeeDee the Therapy Cat

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  2. simon7banks says:

    I like that: she doesn’t think she’s human. She thinks we’re cats. Though I did have a cat which I’m convinced was trying to imitate human speech. More often I imitate cat speech.

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