The Big Bunny Cover Up: Blaze Achew Panda-monium, Cat Editor Extraordinaire’s Poem on Easter

Purreface: Purrsanthema here.  I forgot that my cat Blaze wrote this some time ago.  We’ve had arguments about the Easter Lion for a long time.  However, you know, you just can’t argue with a pussycat.  So, here is the poem he wrote.

“You foolish humans have it wrong
To crown a hare in praise and song.
We felines feel it’s mad and funny
You think that there’s an Easter Bunny:
By either Ursa or Orion
All cats know it’s the Easter Lion!

“No lagomorph has any skill
In stealthy ways and never will.
Could all his hopping jouncing moves
Hide Easter Baskets? It behooves
Us all to tell you fools that all
We cats know that’s tale’s ten miles tall.
Don’t boil those eggs because some hare
Will crack them, bouncing everywhere:

“The Easter Lion glides and prowls,
Despite the spring wind’s blustery howls,
With endless baskets brightly filled
With flower-like eggs,… and none are spilled.
At times she paws, with dainty skill,
The eggs alone, to hide them, still,
She needs her feline gifts to glide
Across the lawns, to, silent, hide
These shiny sweets from grownup eyes:
The Easter Lion’s kind and wise!

“Before they’re basketed, these treats
Are painted in fine airy feats:
Retired cats, cat angels, play
In all the hues of breaking day,
And sunset; oft they pounce and roll
Eggs down the rainbow, fine and whole;
Yet first the Easter Lion licks
With magic tongue, so color sticks.

“In truth, she’s like the Cheshire cat,
Adept at disappearing: that
Is why so few of you all know
That she’s a Lion, and that no
Mad spring hare, bouncing back and forth,
Sets out these eggs, from South to North.
She leaps from here up to the clouds,
Invisible, and mighty crowds
Of fairies weave the baskets she
Delivers, in sweet liberty.”

Author notes
Please forgive my cat Blaze: he gets such ideas in his head!  No matter how patiently I tried to explain it to him, my genius cat would not listen, and was off and writing, and after many many scratch copies, he came up with this.  He claims I’m wrong. He says, incidentally, that we silly humans have it all wrong, and that there’s been a Great Big Bunny Cover Up.

Written Apr 21, 2011 © Anissa Nedzel Gage, All rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “The Big Bunny Cover Up: Blaze Achew Panda-monium, Cat Editor Extraordinaire’s Poem on Easter

  1. cat9984 says:

    We have made arrangements for Blaze not to get kicked out of the Cat Union for telling our secrets. Be sure he doesn’t write anything about Santa’s reindeer. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

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