I am Pushkin the Cat!

Hello, my name is Pushkin I’m 3 years old and was adopted last year via Cats Protection.
I’m a gentle giant and I love Gourmet Cat Food and cheesy Dreamies.
My favourite past time is napping, a quick explore in my garden or next door I don’t like to go far as I’m a big baby and mum likes me home before dark.
My bedroom is in my mum’s room where we sleep together at night time.
I love fuss and I let my mummy cuddle me without scratching.
Me and my mum run my Twitter account as I can’t type with my big paws.
My Twitter account is about raising awareness for Black Cats AKA Pan-furs as we take longer to rehome due to the colour of our coat? Apparently, we don’t show well in selfies?! Seen my pictures?! I show very well I’m a Panfur Model.
Also, people believe we are bad luck? My mum says we are good luck as I’ve brought her so much joy into her life.
Me and my mum’s mission is to end the stigma surrounding black cats so please follow us on Twitter we also retweet pictures of your black cats.
Lots of love
Pushkin xx
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23 thoughts on “I am Pushkin the Cat!

  1. Catherine A Lingg says:

    I’m with you Pushkin. Everyone should have a sleek house panther. Black kitties are stunning with silky fur and jewels for eyes. Humans can be quite ignorant at times. I’m going ti follow you

  2. Rohvannyn says:

    Black cats are awesome! So many of the ones I’ve met are laid-back and loving. I still dearly miss my own boy who was pure black and the sweetest kitty I’ve ever known. (Which is really saying something.) Pushkin is beautiful!

  3. catladymac says:

    Pushkin, you are one handsome pan-fur ! POTP to you and your Mum on your mission to spread the word about how wonderful black cats are .(

  4. jowensauthor says:

    What a handsome house panther you are, Pushkin! You remind me of my black angel kitty, Shadow. I don’t understand how people can think black kitties are bad luck; Shadow was such a sweet a kitty.

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