Tribute: Remembering Mittens

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Today’s guest star is a tribute to Mittens from Raven’s Blog & Journal:

Remembering Mittens

Today was really hard. I was really hoping this day wouldn’t come.

Mittens had a recheck at the vet. I was preparing myself for the worst because my mom (who’s a doctor but not a vet) was worried and warning me, but I was really really hopeful. I thought we’d have more time….

The vet came in and talked with us about the results of the blood test. Then he examined Mitten, feeling her liver and bladder and stuff. He felt a lump in both her liver and intestines. She had a tumor.

There was more than that though… Mittens peed on herself, so they took the opportunity to test the urine. Everything other than sugar and pH was high or off the charts.

Mittens hadn’t been eating much. The damage had started. He body was breaking down her muscles and fat to gain energy. She was wasting away….

This picture is from early December. She was plump and happy then, and her coat was so shiny and luxurious.

Here’s a picture of her today. She’d lost a lot of weight. She’d lost almost 2 pounds since the last appointment two weeks ago – and even more pounds earlier from the weight she used to be. I know the picture isn’t a good representation of the change, but… It’s what I have…

She stopped eating and drinking much. She stopped grooming herself. She lost so much weight. Her fur wasn’t the shiny pelt we were used to. She even acted different, like out of it – almost disoriented and confused.

But she was so sweet. She would snuggle with me and let me love on her. And she returned the favor by purring to her heart’s delight. And she wasn’t in any pain.

There was no choice. The vet said she had days – at best a week if they put her on fluids. And if we waited, she would start to suffer. There was no choice….

We had to put our beloved Mittens down. I’ve moved from full breakdown mode to a sort of denial mode now. It’s just…. Hard.

Mom had been praying that she wouldn’t die on Christmas or New Year’s. Well, I guess that was answered.


It was so hard. I got to go into another room and just stay with Mittens while my brother got my mom. I got to pet her and cuddle her one more time and say goodbye.

My dad couldn’t even come. After going through this before with Zoe, he couldn’t stand to come again and be there when we had to do it to Mittens. I don’t blame him, but I’m glad I got that time to say goodbye.

I’m really trying to be strong now. I lost it at the vet; it was too much. And seeing me cry made my brother cry, which then got me crying again. And when my mom came in… My gosh, it was waterworks. I couldn’t stand it. She was already crying when she walked in. She’s dealt with too much liver disease… The medical assistant they have helping (not permanently there) is out because her dad is dying from liver disease. And my Grandpa (my mom’s dad) died of liver disease.

It’s just been a lot. Not the best start to this year. But I’m determined to stay positive. We knew this would be coming soon anyways… We just didn’t expect so soon…

Throughout this whole time at the vet, I kept thinking about the song Happier by Marshmello & Bastille. It was because of the freaking music video with the girl and the dog. I’m still singing it now…

Oh, Mittens… The memories I have with you…

The times you laid on my lap just to get me to give you food ??

The times you’d wake me up by curling your paw under my door and pulling back to make a noise… Just cause you wanted in to snuggle (or steal food ofc)

The times I’d randomly find you in my closet and wonder how you got there

The stories my mom would tell me of “cat-sassin”, when you’d lay on her neck and “supposedly” try to kill her ?

All the times I wished you’d snuggle out in the living room with me but mom and dad were better warm furniture

The times you came to me to snuggle and be loved on, those were the best ?

Oh, and the times you had me so well trained I knew to follow you back to Richard’s bathroom to fill up your food bowl

When I’d have to stop you and the other girls from tormenting lizards, oh that was always fun

Ah, and the times I’d watch you play with toys.. you silly thing

I’ll miss you a lot Mittens. You really were a good cat, despite our differences at the time. I really really loved you with all my heart. You were family.

But as my mom said, now you’re up somewhere in kitty heaven, playing with Zoe. I don’t know if there truly is a place where pets go, but I’d love for it to be true. I love the thought of you up there with Zoe, waiting to one day (hopefully not anytime soon) greet my Bubbles and even little Katniss. I’m glad you got to pass peacefully and without pain, knowing just how much we loved you.

I love you, Mittens. I’m sorry we had to say goodbye. I’ll always remember you. You hold a special place in my heart ?

Forever in my Strange Dreams~

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38 thoughts on “Tribute: Remembering Mittens

  1. Nassima says:

    I’m in tears now and I haven’t even read it all ? so sad for Mittens but at least she didn’t suffer much, I lost many cats me too, Mittens was sooo gorgeous though ❤

  2. eloisedesousa says:

    Our dog, Henry, passed away just five months ago and it’s so hard. We can’t listen to Bastille’s song without tearing up. I’m so sorry for their loss but love the memories and this wonderful tribute to Mittens. xx

  3. Liz says:

    Just over a year ago when I said to say goodbye to my babe. She had cancer and was full of it when discovered. I had her put to sleep at home. X

      • Liz says:

        Thank you. She must have been in more pain than she shown. The final week I had with her, the photos I took, you wouldn’t have thought she was in pain just by looking at those photos. But she was.
        I certainly remember that bond we had and the love.

  4. Dennis Ades says:

    Good bye sweet Mittens. ? We do not choose our cat children. They choose us. Mittens door has closed. But another door has opened for another fur baby? Do not be afraid to love ❤️ again. There are many candidates waiting to fill your heart.

    My little Pranceen passed away 3 years ago. I still miss her. It has taken 2 fur babies to fill the void in my heart. Spazzy the II and TigGRRR the III.

    Your family will know joy and wonder again if you let another cat in the new open door.

    • Raven Lost says:

      Thank you for your loving words, they’re much appreciated ❤ We still have two little darlings, Bubbles and Katniss, to heal out broken hearts. It’s always hard, but the pain is worth all the wonderful memories.

    • Raven Lost says:

      It truly is, but it’s a price I’ve been willing to pay for the wonderful pleasure of having her ❤ Thanks so much for your support, it means a lot

  5. Léa says:

    Mittens will be remembered and one day you will realize she has given you much to smile about. She will be hiding behind your smiles.

  6. Raven Lost says:

    Awwww, Marc! I had honestly forgotten about your promise to share this tribute ?? It really warmed my heart to find this today, so thank you so much! Also, thank you so much to this community for all of your support! It really means a whole lot to me; I cannot thank you all enough for your love and kind words. Stay strong my friends with your own losses and always remember the love shared between you and your fur-babies ❤

    • Marc-André says:

      You are most welcome and hopefully next time we share one of your posts it’ll be a happier one. <3

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