Oliver and Orlando in NJ USA

By Marylu Korkuch
In April 2016, a man walked into the woods with a cat carrier. Minutes later, he walked out — empty-handed. A  quick-thinking Good Samaritan investigated, and discovered a mama cat and her 4 newborn ginger kittens. Two boys and two girls. Rather than leave them in the woods to an uncertain fate, he brought the feline family to Tabby’s Place, a local cat sanctuary, where they were given a home and cared for under the kind and watchful eyes and hands of staff and volunteers.
One of those volunteers is a friend of mine and knew I was looking to adopt again following the death of my beloved black tabby, Rambo. I was hoping for 2 boys and preferably litter-mates. When my friend called me she said, “I have your kittens. They are absolutely adorable. If you don’t take them, someone else will.  I will foster them til you are ready to bring them home.  Say ‘yes’ now!”  I did —  And that is how I came to be Oliver and Orlando’s human.

I am forever grateful to the kind person who rescued my boys from the woods, to the staff at Tabby’s Place, and to my friend who was “on the lookout” for me and took such wonderful care of them until I could devote my time and attention to my new little ginger fluff balls. Three years on, Oliver and Orlando continue to bring me nothing but joy and peace. They make me laugh, they lower my stress level, they keep me company, they help me organize (?!) my choir music (well, maybe not…!), they keep me warm at night, they warn me if any interlopers (deer, squirrels, foxes, birds, trash collector, mailman, gardener, etc) dare to enter “their” yard, they screen visitors, they watch nature shows with me, and best of all, they love their tummy rubs — especially on Tuesdays!!

The boys as kittens:

The boys helping me organize my choir music…!
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