Infographic: 5 Tips to Help Your Cat & Dog to be Friends

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got a useful infographic from our friends over at the Insurance Emporium for you on how to help dogs and cats to be friends.

It’s difficult to know exactly if cats and dogs will get along with each other but following a few simple steps can help get off to a good start and fester a positive relationship.

But remember it’s all up to us guardians to ensure that this goes smoothly and especially in the beginning you should not let them have unsupervised contact

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3 thoughts on “Infographic: 5 Tips to Help Your Cat & Dog to be Friends

  1. DP & Blog says:

    Very helpful! Me and my Husband would like to get a cat and a dog when their babies so they will get along. My last dog that recently passed, who happened to be a beagle got a long with my mom’s rabbit. I was the most strangest thing lol!

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