Purrsday Poetry: Humans are Fragile Things

Hi everyone,

Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Nicolas Rogers:

Humans are Fragile Things

Humans are fragile things;

It’s why I make them my slaves.

They beg for my love and affection;

I think they’re pathetic and depraved.

I only want three things:

A bed, food and sleep,

And if a human hand takes one of those away,

It’s their soul that I shall reap.

I like my liberty too,

And slaying birds and rodents is fun,

I scratch the eyes of kitties that cross my path,

Then I lie out in the sun.

But humans are silly things;

Just puppets on a string,

And I’m ready to draw blood this morning

If in the shower my slave sings.

Nicolas Rogers

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