Drastic action is needed!


OMC, I cannot believe what has happened!!! I talk to my mum alot especially for treats and more importantly food!

How else do I keep up my stunning look of a Panther?!

There’s me minding my own paws, going about my business and my mum announces that she’s made herself deaf!!

WORST THING EVER! It dawned on me right at that moment that mum will NOT be able to hear my meows for food! What will I do and how will I cope?!

Mum2 was already struggling with the prospect of mum1’s temporary deafness. When Mum2 talks to mum1 she’s not able to hear. So, mum1 is making up response like ‘I love you too’, to a conversation that mum2 was saying but the response has nothing to do with what mum2 was discussing.

I knew this problem needed drastic action! I mean drastic, how will I be fed in the morning? What about my treats?

So, I thought what I could do it dance, its what I do best! Maybe it’ll grab mum’s attention! But, that didn’t even work!! She wasn’t looking at my dance moves! So, I eyed up my space on where id jump and then leapt on her. In that moment accidentally headbutted her! Mum turned to look at me at that precise moment, but lent forward too grab her drink so, it was a face on face implant.


Mum instantly took her glasses off holding her nose while, I was looking at her thinking ‘come on human give me food!’, it didn’t hurt me one bit. She said wearing glasses makes the whole headbutt incident worse. She was watering too, those eyes of hers were affected, she wasn’t crying but slightly watering.

It got her attention (finally), she realised I wanted my lunch and a treat for going to all that effort to actually grab her attention!

It could have been worse she could have had my fluffy butt in her face instead of my beautiful handsome face! She cannot complain too much!

Then, I realised that maybe if I pat her a few times when I want something, then that will get her attention! I think I should have done that first, instead of headbutting her!

Shes partially deaf now, it’s temporary, but I think maybe shes learnt her lesson and will stop using cotton buds! She said she got an itch so she needed to itch it with a cotton bud, how silly! I generally believe she didn’t want to listen to mum2.

The tips I will give you my friends:

  1. don’t put anything in your ear smaller than your elbow!
  2. hide your humans cotton buds
  3. ensure you have backup plans for these events (you need humans to listen to you and need food)

Its hard work trying to get her attention! Its like having a part time job, just to get treats and food!

Mum1 is my food human and mum2 is my snuggling human. They have their uses!

Have a pawsome day my friends! Paws crossed mums hearing returns soon!

Sending purrs and fluffy hugs to everyfur

Twitter & Instagram: @houdinidancing

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