Tabatha Remembers Crete :)

Good morning to everyone of the Katzenworld realm! This cute stuffed ball of fluff would like to thank you for checking in to read my latest post 🙂

Unfortunately your travel kitty has succumbed to quite a bad bout of flu, of which I am now recovering. However I am certain I will be much better soon to enjoy more travel adventures. 

This cat is very fortunate and blessed to know people all over the world, so I would like to share with you my special connection with Crete 🙂 One of our very good friends lives there with her family in the hills of this beautiful island, in a small village called ‘Fourni’. It is a very magical place, with winding roads to hidden beaches, hikes to the remote unknown, villages full of beautiful, friendly people and the local souvlaki is out of this world!!

This kitty was brave enough to try the local raki! It is a pure(ish) alcohol made from the locally grown grapes! You sit in the local bar with your friends and eat delicious souvlaki and drink the (strong!) raki. The best thing about raki? No kitty hangover because there are no or very few chemicals 😀

There is also the wonderful ancient history of Crete! The Greek God, Zeus, was born on this fantastic island! This small cat was fortunate enough to visit the lace where he was born 😀 It was quite a hike up there but this cat made it. The views were out of this world!

There are also many tourist beaches (this kitty prefers off the track), the legend of the Minotaur (near Heraklion) and just soooooo many cool things to do. You can do a different thing each day in Crete and you feel so full of happiness and joy!

Kat and I were lucky enough to visit the island, Spinalonga which is steeped in rich history, though not pleasant history (in a complete juxtaposition to its beauty and surroundings). It is where all the lepurs were placed in quarantine until 1957. You can still see where the people used to live and look at a historical way of life.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Crete memories. I hope you will travel there one day too 🙂 

Your cute travel blogging kitty, Tabatha (aka) Tabs xxxxx

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