Do you Have an Older Pet Without Insurance?

Hi everyone,

Most of us in the UK have probably been in this situation… we adopted an older pet and have tried to obtain a pet insurance for them only to find out that insurers will not cover them as they are over their age limit… Sadly this is a case for many insurance providers, however there is one in the UK that tries to make a difference!

Agria once again allows pets of all ages to be signed up for their insurance and has been advocating for years that insurance companies should raise the age limit across the board as pets live longer happier thanks to advancement in veterinary care and nutrition.

Additionally Agria does a lot for charities and proudly supports our own partner charity International Cat Care!

Full details on Agria’s commitment to older pets below!



Do you Have an Older Pet Without Insurance?

Agria Pet Insurance has found that the average amount settled on a pet insurance policy for animals aged nine and over is almost three times as much as the average for animals aged four and under!

It’s not surprising. Just like us, as our more mature pets relax into retirement, age can begin to increase the chances of ill-health causing problems.

The top conditions found to be associated with our older pets are:

Top 3 conditions for dogs and cats (age 9+)
1. Osteoarthritis Renal (kidney) disorder
2. Diabetes mellitus Hyperthyroidism
3. Atopy finding (skin condition) Diabetes mellitus

Long-term problems, long-term expense

Conditions like these can continue year after year, and the outcome can be expensive, with on-going vets’ bills for treatment required to enable pets to continue to enjoy a good quality of life.

Unfortunately, for older pets without an existing policy, finding cover can be tricky. Common practice in pet insurance is to place a maximum cap on the age a policy can be taken out – so, once this age is reached, options become limited. Owners without significant savings to pay for unexpected or long-term vets’ bills can find cost becomes a factor when it comes to choice of treatment.

Helping older age pets this winter

However, if your pet is older and uninsured, there’s some great news this winter!

Agria is making lifetime insurance available to even our most senior four-legged companions this winter, giving owners of older pets a valuable opportunity to protect themselves against future vets bills for conditions their cat, dog or rabbit may develop.

So, whether you have a more mature moggy, a retired rabbit or a dog in their more senior years, give yourself some real peace of mind, and your pet the gift of pet insurance, this Christmas.

The offer runs from 1st December 2018 to 31st January 2019 inclusive, so get your quote now.

Visit or call 03330 30 83 68.

All statistics are sourced from Agria Pet Insurance UK data 2017. Terms and conditions apply. Offer starts 1st December 2018. Offer ends 31st January 2019.  Agria Pet Insurance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Financial Services Register Number 496160. Agria Pet Insurance Ltd is registered and incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 4258783. Registered office: First Floor, Blue Leanie, Walton Street, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP21 7QW.


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8 thoughts on “Do you Have an Older Pet Without Insurance?

  1. jamienauthor says:

    More reasonable insurance for older cats would be a major factor in encouraging more people to adopt these cats from cats homes. They often seem to be harder to find new owners for.

    • Marc-André says:

      Very true. But more insurances will need to but in to that idea to make that happen. Agria and a few others are trying to make a difference tho!

  2. Lauren says:

    Wow, I wish we had been able to insure Coolidge. He was diabetic for nine years, and his insulin cost $90-$130 a month! During his last two years, Coolidge also acquired hyperthyroid. The last was chronic renal failure.The vet visits were expensive and frequent, too. He was everything to us, and we spent whatever we had to. Coolidge lived to be 17!

    • Marc-André says:

      Poor Coolidge. But what you did is an amazing feat of love. I wish more insurances around the world would follow the example Agria gives.

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