The Katzenworld Cats and the Great Cat Flap Adventure!

Hi everyone,

It’s me Rennie here today with a very urgent update from Katzenworld HQ! See my sister Freya and me got a little worried when our humans received a cat flap from Sure Petcare in the post!!! Had they decided that we had to go out into the scary great wild world of London? What madness had taken hold of them?!?

Rennie: Hmmm…. what are their plans?

Freya: Do you think they got it because of my smelly poops and expect me to go outside?!?

Nubia: Most likely…  After all it stinks!

Rennie: Ye we should set it to only put the little one outside! :O

Freya: Stop being mean. 🙁

Rennie: That’s a lot of pieces…

Nubia: That’s because the hub comes with plugs for every country necessary!

Rennie: @_@ This thing is pretty and green…

Nubia: Don’t play with it… that controls the connected cat flap via the humans mobile phones!

Rennie & Freya: *In Unison* So this is the flap? Where does it go? And who are the pretty cats on the other side of the flap…

Nubia: Silly both of you… that’s just a reflection! ;o

Rennie: So that’s the flap installed? In a box? The most fun of all places!!!!

Freya: Do you think it’s still full of 4cats toys??? I want some of them for myself…

Rennie: Sadly I think the humans will have stored all of those safely away. 🙁

Freya: Hmmmm….. Where does this go…

Freya: Ok I am in now! But how am I going to get back out! Rennie!!! Help me!!! :O

Rennie: What’s up Freya?

Freya: I am stuck!!!!

Rennie: How? It let you in so it must let you out again?

Freya: I don’t know how to operate this. 😮

Oliver: Silly youngster… how did you get into the box?

Freya: I pushed through this!

Oliver: Then why don’t you do the same to get back out?

Freya: Thanks for the little help human! And I am out again. 😀

Rennie: Ok… let me show you how to do it…

Rennie: Look! No help from the humans required at all. 😀

Freya: Say… where did Oliver go?

Rennie: Hmmm…. that’s a good question…

Freya: There is a ghost in the box now!!!! LOOK!

Rennie: Hmm… that’s not a ghost… look at the colour of the paw!

Oliver: This is my kingdom now! Maybe I can get the humans to keep you both out. 😀

Nubia: So while you three are busy having fun… maybe I should tell our fellow felines and humans what makes the Sure Petcare Micro Chip Cat Door Connect so different! Let’s start by looking at it’s key features


decoration image

Connect with the Hub which links the Microchip Cat Door Connect to the Sure Petcare app

decoration image

Know whether your pets are at home, monitor long-term activity and notice changes in behaviour 

decoration image

Prevents intruder animals entering your home 

decoration image

Share app access with friends and manage their permissions 

decoration image

Battery powered with up to 6 months battery life (4 x AA batteries not included) 

decoration image

Remotely lock or unlock the cat door anytime, anywhere from the Sure Petcare app

decoration image

Receive notifications when your pet enters and leaves your home 

decoration image

Create a curfew – set the door to lock and unlock at specified times or take control at any time using the Sure Petcare app 

decoration image

Set exit permissions for each pet to keep specific pets indoors using DualScan™ technology 

Freya: That’s a lot of detail sister… so what does all of that mean. o.O
Nubia: To put it into simple terms this cat flap enables humans to ensure that they know exactly when their feline friends are going out and in and it also allows them to set times when they don’t want them to go out at all. All at the ease of using their gadget rather than having to manually lock cat flaps. Oh and thanks to having a microchip scanner on both sides of the door it means no neighbours cats coming in and stealing food!!! 😀
Freya: Where can the humans get it for their felines?
Nubia: Simple! It’s available via the Sure Petcare website and can be send to most countries worldwide.
Rennie: And see this cat flap in action for an actual outdoor cat household soon! The humans got one of their friends to trial it with her cats as she has some cats that are allowed outside and some that are not this should proof very useful thanks to the fact that you can allow and disallow them from using this. 🙂

Signed by,

His Meowjesty Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace
Prince Renegade the Grandest of Gourmets Gourmands also known as The Flash!
Her Meowjesty Princess Queen Freya the Snow Leopard

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14 thoughts on “The Katzenworld Cats and the Great Cat Flap Adventure!

  1. Memories of Eric and Flynn says:

    That cat flap looks very good. Eric and Flynn had an ordinary cat flap but because Flynn banged his nose very hard as a kitten he would never use it. We ended up taking the flap off and just put the sliding door down when we wanted them to stay inside.

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