Animals are Feeling Beings too… Part 2

Two weeks ago, I published part 1 to illustrate the need for human beings to understand that we are not the only beings who have feelings. I told the story about the reason behind our pup’s death.

Today I’ll talk about the second generation of Happy and Chou’s offsprings. Passing away they left us 2 adorable kittens: Terra (left) and Chouette (right).

Who later mated and had 3 adorable kittens on the 20th July 2018.

Terra gave birth on sand which later infected her little ones with worms that seem to eat life out of them.

Probably she noticed they were in danger because later she carried them inside onto my sister’s bed where her mom Chou gave birth and raised her. This meant that my sister would be kicked out of her room again!! Luckily she found a quick solution to that.


We tried our best to rid them of the worms by pulling them out one by one. Their cries of pain was heartbreaking and their mom would be coming running to their rescue, so we were only able to safe 2 out of the 3.

Terra was depressed for almost a week after the death of her kitten, it was awful to see. And that’s when I truly believed that animals are feeling beings too.

What about you?

P.S: Now the kittens are running around everywhere and I’ve come to understand why predators don’t easily kill the vibe of another race, they are so adorable!!

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5 thoughts on “Animals are Feeling Beings too… Part 2

  1. quiall says:

    Anyone who has had an animal companion for any length of knows how deeply they can feel. I lost one of my feline companions and his sister spent many nights on my desk looking at his picture I had there. She wouldn’t use anything that was his. She would stare at his blanket, his food bowl, his table (he used to spend hours on a particular table, she did too until he died). I had to replace a great many items, including the table! It took over a year but eventually it became her table (new one), her bowl (new one), her blanket (new one). She was grieving just as much as I was.

  2. Rohvannyn says:

    Pretty kitties – careful not to let brother and sister breed or you’ll end up with defective kittens after a while. I hope you find a way to get worm medicine next time, for when they’re older. That said, very cute cats, and I totally understand the mother being sad. My own cats are every bit as sensitive and emotional as anyone else I know, and they show compassion when I’m feeling sad, too. So I definitely know cats and dogs can feel! 🙂

  3. The Dream Girl says:

    I always knew cats and dogs were sensitive. I grew up with a poodle who would come and lay his head on me if I was upset and always knew when to comfort me. I have no idea how he reacted when I moved out but when I visited, he was always so excited.
    I never considered the same of fish until we got a beta who literally would shake with excitement when we came up to the tank.

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