Animals are Feeling Beings too… Part 1

Animals are feeling beings too and I’d like to demonstrate this today.

As human beings, we are all entitled to experiencing love, joy, sorrow, hatred, pain, sympathy, agony, shame, grief and many more.

According to the Bible, man was created and given authority over the world to rule as he felt fit. Looking around us, I think that God wouldn’t be very pleased with what has become of His world and the way we’ve treated his creations.

Yes we, you and I. We’ve all contributed to this mess. But that’s a topic for another time.

In one of my posts, I introduced you all to my sweethearts, Happy, Chou and Haiden.

A few months ago, my grandfather left to go back to the village after a 5months stay. During that period, Haiden was brought home. Filthy, hungry, terrified and full of ticks. I had to wash him everyday for a week and put up my best smile for his cute face.

He loved me but grew more fond of my grandfather. Slept with him and ate his leftovers.

We barely saw Haiden until Grandaddy come over to watch TV and have dinner in the evening. Little did we know that Haiden had grown fond of him.

The time for Grandad to go came and the day after, Haiden fell sick. He stopped eating, wouldn’t come when called and stopped wagging his tail. He looked so sad and starting loosing weight instantly.

He disappeared for 2days but was later found in my grandfather’s room that had been locked.

How did he get in? It’s still a mystery but on the 4th day of Grandaddy’s departure, Haiden kicked the bucket on our front veranda.

How did he get in? It’s still a mystery but on the 4th day of Grandaddy’s departure, Haiden kicked the bucket on our front veranda.

R.I.P buddy ?

We were all heart broken and couldn’t fathom what had happened. Was it poisoning? A snake bite? Ticks? Worms? Constipation?

How could he just suddenly fall sick and then suddenly die?


That’s the answer.

Haiden spent days looking for his master and couldn’t find him.

Surrow brought him to the grave and so does it many other dogs/animals.

Many such stories are told yet the meaning yet to be unfolded.

So here it is: Animals are feeling beings too!!!

Thanks for reading.


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Written 14th July 2017
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22 thoughts on “Animals are Feeling Beings too… Part 1

  1. Liz says:

    Yes, definitely. I have been told by a couple of people how their family pet died, because their ‘master’ was no longer around. Pets definitely feel it I believe, just like us.
    My cat Miley, was really close with me. She always stayed by my side mostly. When I went on holiday for a week, mum looked after her in mine and Miley’s home. But Miley was pining for me. I never went away for another holiday after that, while I had her.
    Miley had to be put to sleep earlier in the year, this year. I arranged this with the vet to be at home. Miley had cancer. She was a brave girl and I will always remember those sweet fond memories of her and the huge love she gave.

  2. Charles Huss says:

    That is so sad. I’m sorry. Pets sure are emotional. Our cats are very loving and affectionate. They are also very jealous creatures. My cat Chris will always jump on my lap when he sees that Frankie is on my lap.

  3. syl65 says:

    I always find it more and more amazing how much love our pet/friends can have for us. Their unconditional love and joy of greeting and being with us. Blessings to you.

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  5. RoseyToesMeows says:

    Animals most definitely have feelings too. They form relationships and bonds, with us and with other animals.
    We have had two beloved kitties pass to rainbow bridge (one in Dec 2016, the other in Apr this year), both whilst being members of a multi cat household.
    After helping them cross the bridge at the vets, we decided to bring them both straight back home with us. This was for two reasons, firstly we wanted to bury them in our garden, so they’d always be close. Secondly we wanted to give the remaining cats the chance to see their friend had passed away, so they won’t be wondering when they’d be coming back home.
    On each occasion, we placed our departed friend in a bed in the living room until the next day. We were overwhelmed to see that on both occasions, each kitty would gently approach their friend. Some would gently paw at them, others just sit with them. But this type of behaviour continued throughout the time their friend was in the living room. It seemed to us as if, once they’d accepted their friend had departed, they were saying their goodbyes. ?? There were also mood changes in some of the more sensitive kitties for a few months after each loss.

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  7. Forestwood says:

    I think we will in future recognize animals to have just as many emotions as us. Sure they have instinct too, but I too have seen evidence of love and loss in dogs. Dogs know when another dog is sick, if not just be their extraordinary sense of smell. Our older dog was dying, and our younger dog would not leave her side, and demonstrated intense grief when our older dog was put to sleep. Heartbreaking to watch.It is important that they be included, I think so that they can grieve too.

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