These Kittens Were Thrown Away Like Rubbish…

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got a very sad story from Mayhew. Earlier this year a person decided to dump these poor kittens and her mum which luckily were rescued by the wonderful people of the charity Mayhew. : (

A box of tissues will be required reading this!

Eight week old kittens and their mother cruelly dumped at the side of the road by passing motorist

  • Cat and four kittens were thrown from car before unseen driver sped off
  • Horrified passer-by brought kittens straight to Mayhew
  • Mother bolted in panic, only to be found by a second member of the public two days later – she had returned, starving and in distress, to search for her babies
  • One kitten humanely put to sleep after a painful struggle with severe anaemia and significant kidney problems
  • Three remaining kittens and mother now happily rehomed

Earlier this summer a member of the public reported seeing a car pull up in the Queens Park area, before the driver unceremoniously threw four young kittens and their mother out onto the road and sped off. Luckily, the horrified passer-by reacted quickly and managed to scoop up the kittens before they could run away. Unfortunately, the adult female cat had already panicked and bolted.

The rescuer immediately called Mayhew and was asked by Alisa Ford, our Deputy Head of Animal Welfare, Community, to bring them in to us as soon as possible. They arrived shortly after, shaking with fear and covered in fleas.

The three girls and one boy kitten were crying continuously for their mum, and Alisa quickly settled them in to a warm cabin in our Cattery where they could recover from their ordeal in a calm and quiet environment. Alisa named the kittens after members of Mayhew’s Animal Welfare team – Georgina, Tania, Alisa and Paul.

After a safe nights sleep, all four kittens were admitted to our Vet Clinic for a thorough examination. Thankfully, this revealed that Paul, Georgina and Tania were all in good health. However, our vets soon became concerned about tiny Alisa, as she was urinating excessively and seemed continuously thirsty. The Vet team and Cattery staff monitored her closely and administered blood and urine tests to try and establish what was wrong.

Meanwhile, a second member of the public had got in touch about a lost-looking female cat close to where the kittens had been dumped. This cat was starving, and had been frantically searching the area for the last two days, in all likelihood trying to find her babies. She was extremely distressed and disorientated when we picked her up, and our Animal Welfare team immediately sought to calm her down, warm her up and feed her. We named this adult cat Zoe, after our Head of Animal Welfare.

Happily, Zoe the cat made a quick recovery and was soon rehomed, enjoying a much deserved happy ending. Once Georgina, Paul and Tania had also grown bigger and stronger, they were neutered and quickly adopted as well. Unfortunately however, we were saddened to see little Alisa’s health had deteriorated even further by this point. Mayhew Vet Emma discovered through her blood tests that Alisa was severely anaemic, most likely as a result of her flea infestation prior to being admitted. Alisa’s urine analysis also revealed a significant problem with her kidneys.

Having suffered so much already in her young life, and with her being so weak from anaemia, Alisa’s prognosis was extremely poor. Our vets therefore made the difficult decision to alleviate her painful struggle and bring her life to a humane end. Our dedicated team ensured the little kittens’ final moments felt safe, warm and calm, and she was hugged as she drifted peacefully away.

Our Animal Welfare team get calls about animals like Zoe and her kittens being abandoned and thrown away like rubbish every single day. We ensure that every animal in need of help receives the best care no matter how sick they are, and do everything in our power to help them get better and find their happy ending with a loving new home. If, like poor Alisa, we are unable to improve their standard of life, we make sure they are warm, comfortable and loved in their final hours.

To find out more about Zoe, her kittens and our rescue work, please visit the Mayhew website here.

You can also watch the Mayhew appeal video here.

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29 thoughts on “These Kittens Were Thrown Away Like Rubbish…

  1. Hangaku Gozen says:

    I began tearing up as I read this post. Who could throw young kittens and their mother out of a car window like trash? I’m sad for Alisa but happy all of the babies and their mom found loving homes. I’m also glad there’s a place like Mayhew to take care of abused and abandoned cats. Karma rewards those who do good, and punishes those who do evil.

  2. Rebecca Hislop says:

    What a horrible thing to do to poor helpless animals. I’m so glad this story has a happy ending for most of the cats.

  3. Alan from Edinburgh says:

    I’m a meow person love all cats but that person should be prosecuted and jailed and band from keeping pets

  4. Kristina says:

    Very Sad, and makes me thing how cruel people are…I have heard stories from people in Greece to have literally thrown kittens in the garbage, when they don’t want them! When I confronted them asking how they could have acted like this, and that they could have just been responsible and neutered their cats, their replied that they don’t want to intervene on the nature and that is cruel to neuter their cats…honestly I don’t understand! Very sad. Am sorry so much and I really wish things to change soon…

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  6. Crystal S. says:

    How horrible Mamma cat and her kitten being thrown own out like rubbish. Anymore you can’t trust all shelters. They say to bring them if its an emergency but when you call and tell them they won’t take them. My family contacted several shelters and they turned us down. They claimed they were to full. I thought shelters took animals no matter what especially in emergencies and ours was an emergency.

  7. RoseyToesMeows says:

    I don’t understand why these people can’t just contact an animal shelter and ask them to take in the unwanted animals? There is no need to just abandon any animal, for any reason. Help is always available.

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  9. Marianne Guarena says:

    If I saw that happen I might have to have my passenger jump out with the cats and I would chase the person down. I might even do something stupid. I cannot tell you how much I have thought of this scenario. People are cruel, but I assure you I can be more cruel if left to do as I please to someone like that.

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