Guest Star: Orange Kitty from Glendale Arizona

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got a guest story from Hoyt Kesterson in Glendale Arizona for you all about Orange Kitty:

I was about to say that the first clue I had he was moving in was an orange tail sticking out from under the bed. Now he sleeps on top with me.
I’ve “adopted” many cats. I trap them and take them to the spay and neuter clinic and then release them. They stay around. About four years ago we have an unusually cold week for us. I woke up in the morning and walked by the living room on my way to make breakfast. There were about fifteen cats snoozing around the room. Since then they tend to wander in and out they please.
I give many of them descriptive names; hence, Orange Kitty. He roamed in and out the backyard for about a year. Being a male, he caroused and fought. One day he was sitting, looking forlorn. I noticed his face was swollen. He let me pick him up so I took him to the vet where they discovered an abscess.
They cleaned that up, gave him shots, and neutered him. He laid around for a few days, got better, and has not left me alone since. He’s made friends.
And seems happy to have found a home.
So, Orange Kitty staffed by Hoyt Kesterson in Glendale Arizona.
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