Madame Simone’s Plea…

“My relationships with my cats has saved me from a deadly, pervasive ignorance.”                                                        – William S. Burroughs

Today should have been a celebration. A happy day of remembrance. For today is the second anniversary of my coming to my new home. The refuge was kind but there were just so many waiting to go home. A diva can never be one of the many.

I have overheard human babble about allowing their felines to have a litter as it makes them a better cat. Or perhaps, they can’t resist the cuteness of having a house of kittens, for as long as it suits them. Yet, to date, I’ve never heard a human say what the cost to the feline having to bear and be separated from her children.

Mais oui, it is I, Madame Simone. Once again I pine for what I have lost and cling to the hope that someday my babies will be returned to me.

I’m often caught staring but not into the void. Where are my babies? I long for them so… do they think of me? There are, humans say, two sides to every story. They talk of spaying and neutering for a myriad of reasons. Yet I have never heard them babble on about the pain and loss of tearing our families apart. It would have been kinder had this all been prevented. Why allow me to have something you will not let me keep?

Have you seen my babies? I close my eyes and see them. I remember their softness nestled against me and clammering for nourishment. I loved every moment, until they were ripped away. Have a heart, spay and neuter to prevent the torment of a mother whose babies will not return. For me, it was seen to that it doesn’t happen again, but I must live my days with this loss and continue to wander the rooms, stairs and crannies of this house calling out for my children to come home.

I watch, I wait, I pine, I grieve, please, have a heart…

Bisous, Simone and the human Please stop by and visit at

Disclaimer: all mistakes are the result of human error and shall be dealt with.

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5 thoughts on “Madame Simone’s Plea…

  1. helentastic67 says:

    My fur-baby Mika was surrendered because she was pregnant. She had 3 ginger kittens. I hope she doesn’t feel this way but can return to being a young 2 year old herself. Food for thought. Cheers,H

  2. ribbonrx says:

    This is the reason we have 7 cats! We already had two, but took in a mama with four 3-4 weeks old kittens. Mama was a stray and showed up to my former college roommate’s house for help, who called on me to rescue the kitties. Even once the kittens were “old enough” to be separated from their mother, we just couldn’t do it. Watching them interact with each other, snuggle together, nurse together…we didn’t have the heart to tear them apart. So now, eight years later, we still have all 7 cats as they enter the geriatric stage of their lives. Mama Molly knows her babies are her babies (and she has a firm paw on them) and they still know she is their mama. They still snuggle and snooze together and play together and give each other baths. Having so many cats is a challenge, but they are happy and healthy and are able to live out their lives in their forever home as a family. And that brings joy to my heart.

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